Valor Challenges differ->>possible bug

Sorry if this bug was posted elsewhere but my search was without a fitting result.
In my alliance it came up that not all players have same challenges for Valor. Most have to solve tournament fight but this here differs.

Is says “beat enemies”.
So now we are wondering how it can be?
Any solutions?

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Hiya, could you ask those affected to create a support ticket?

Click #contact-support for instructions on how to do so :slight_smile:


Could be a possible localisation issue. The English version: “Play X battles in the tournament”.

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@zephyr1 miss a cake day?

I also thought that the tournament quest was replaced by “kill ennemies” quest ( 50, 250, 500, 800, 1400), but in my case I have the quest for raid tournaments, not like OP. Also the icon is different.

Could there be different quest type depending on level, previous PoV completion, etc…?

EDIT: the 6 quests I have:

  • kill titans
  • raid tournament
  • raid victories
  • war attacks
  • gain experience
  • invocations

@Petri not possible as tournament is first tier 5 times then 10 times. You have to kill 250 opponents in second tier. Not feasible if we are talking about tournament, right?
EDIT…here is the correct German version for tournament

We are looking into this here - will update when we have more information


I was told today about someone having a different challenge than everyone in my alliance in POV. I wasn’t sure if this should be posted in general or not. On top row in the middle I have Tournament battles but I know of someone that has defeat enemies in that location. Is this a bug or something?

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