Valor Challenge #2 [Defeat Heroes in Raids] just empty for 90% of event?

I know this is the end of this particular quest line, but why did they make this one so short? And why isn’t there another quest to take its place?? Why did they make a quest line that would end less than a week into a 50 day event with nothing to take its place and just leave that slot completely empty for the other 90% of the event?? This is stupid design.


Really depends on how good you are at raids. I’ve long since finished it on both my and my daughter’s account, but I know people in my alliance that are still struggling on the 3rd level.

But given the difficulty of some other tasks, this one certainly does stick out to me too!


Honestly, I don’t think I’m very good at raids at all. I lose a lot more than I win. I usually only make it 2-3 days in tournaments. I try to do a raid or two any time my energy is full or near full, so the energy doesn’t go to waste, and when I have a chest to fill, I do it as fast as I can manage. That’s all. And I easily finished this quest line in a few days.

We get 24 raids per day. Plus tourneys. The raids alone give you opportunity to kill up to 120 heroes per day. Tournaments add another 25 on those days. Plus any flasks you might have. I actually have a bunch of flasks built up because I rarely use them. I might have used one flask when filling a chest during this event. No more. If you even average killing half a team per raid, that’s 75 heroes killed per day. Call it 70, since a few raid energies will usually go to waste during sleep,
inevitably. Defeat Heroes IV takes 300, that’s about 4.5 days.

I don’t remember how many I - III were, but even for a middling player, the math says you’ll be done within the first week, week and a half. Longer of course if you can’t do raids often enough to use most of your energy every day, but still, I can’t see it taking anyone who is trying at all more than half the event.

I don’t think that this is wrong thinking on your part.
It would be cool to see some ridiculous figure like “win 1000 raids” or something of that sort. Or have it replaced with “Murder 300 dragons”

I know what you mean…I finished that in 2 days! Also, I have finished my hero summons last week!

I had that one done within the first few days, seems ridiculously easy compared to the rest of the event long challenges.

Another tier or two need to be added to this. It would give more wiggle room for completing tier 50.

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