Valkyrie's Bane

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has tested the Valkyrie’s bane, is there a maximum amount of defense lost? How does it work when combined with elemental defense debuffs?
It appears to be a very good item versus titans, and it’s not crazy expensive, I always have plenty of food.

I also would like to know this!

I misread the item description, it’s 5% more every turn instead of every hit (what I initially thought).
So it would be -55% max at the 5th turn.


I got confused too, it sounded like it was identical to Athena’s debuff. It’s not though :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have the gems to buy the deal in the shop today, but I’m doing my best to get my lodge upgraded so I can get some data with it.


The way Valkyrie’s Bane reads is: “The targets get -35% defense and a further -5% decrease every turn over 5 turns.” To me that means starting on turn 6 the target’s defense decrease by 5% each turn so by turn 9 it would reach -55%.

What does that cap at? -65% like Athena or does it cap? Can somebody test this?

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To follow up on this, the Valkyrie’s Bane works like this:

Turn 1: -35% def, turn 2: -40% def, turn 3: -45% def, turn 4: -50% def, turn 5: -55% def, turn 6: nothing, fun’s over.

Does Valkyrie’s Bane stack with Special Skills causing Defence Down?

@DaveCozy, you’re the omniscienti?

I’m guessing that it doesn’t.

I use them with my yellow team which has no Def down skills

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I don’t think so, no. It’s a defense drop which doesn’t stack with other defense down effects (like Isarnia, Athena, or W. Rabbit)

I use Valk Banes in colours where I don’t have a proper defense down.

They go from 35 to 55%, and are overwritten by any other non-elemental defense downs (excluding Mist, as it’s also a different kind of debuff).

Note that it’s also overwritten by harpoon debuff.

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Thanks ALL for confirming what I believed - so no point using Valkyrie’s Bane vs Titan if I already have Def Down (costume Viv) AND Elemental Def Down (Bunny). Ce la vie!

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