Valhalla Summon -- What A Joke

Knowing how unfair this game is, I could only hope that may be the Valhalla Summon would be more equitable in doling out heroes than found in the game’s norm (poor). Silly me, I chose to summon 10 heroes for 3,000 gems. I was awarded 7 ***'s and 3 ****'s. I was hoping I would pickup 1 5 ***** (ha, ha, ha : unfortunately the joke is on me!) Here is what I received:
3 Kvasir (3 star heroes)
2 El- Dunn (3 star heroes)
1 Nordi (3 star hero)
1 Bjorn (3 star hero)
1 Stonecleave (4 star hero)
1 Mist (4 star hero)
1 Grimm (4 star hero) - this one really frosted me, nothing special here.


The sad part of this story is… your pulls could actually be considered lucky.

Wait for it…



Better than expected to be.


Thats a good pull indeed , u could have rnded up with 10 renfields as well


Same time u cant complain for a x10 roll with no 5* ,will start grtting worried its a 50X roll and complaining when it will be a 80X . Consider your self lucky getting 9/10 valhalla heros and same time 2/10 4* vallhala


What are the odds for a season three 5 star? 2% Or less? I haven’t really looked yet. If that’s the case it will give out one 5 star per FIVE 10 draws… so not getting one is going to happen a lot more than getting one.

1.6% altogether, combining both Featured and Non-Featured.

More details here, including analysis of Appearance Rates in the top post: 📯 Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 3 (Valhalla)


I did a 10 pull too and your draw was much better than mine. Got a couple new 3* and sumle (meh) and the rest were 3/4* classics.

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Unfair isnt an accurate description of the game or your 10 pull. Odds are there for you to see and they proved to be accurate in your case. If you want to say the summon odds are ridiculous that would be fine but the game is certainly fair. We all hope to pull a 5* from a single 10 pull but you certainly shouldn’t expect it to happen.


Congrats on the great pull! Definitely better than the norm statistics-wise!


Well least got some new projects to work on.
Don’t dismiss a 3* as bad when tournament comes along can be a game changer
Shurb bear n buchan up there in to use every one has a place just use it to your advantage :woman_shrugging:

Lucky pulls can happen.


Agreed. Lucky pulls are nice!


+1 Proof that gratification is subjective.
I wouldn’t be as satisfied, truth be told. (Hard to please) But I’m glad to see you’re happy with your results.

Congrats guys on your lucky pulls!

I mean that sincerely, I’m always happy when people get lucky. Unless those people are jerks. Then I hope they get unlucky.

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Believe in yourself and open your wallet and all things are possible. See this person did it


Nice pulls, man! Any tricks I should try before pulling?

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who wants to guess how much it costs to accomplish on night 1 what PainShaft managed?

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Everything in this thread is a duplicate of one of these. As such, I’m going to close with these links.

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