Valhalla summon speculations about Odin/Thor being added eventually

Just a thought, I saw they are releasing some Loki heroes this got me excited.

Who else is excited for the idea of getting Odin/Thor in Valhalla? Do you think it will happen?

I would say yes. They will add as many different named hero’s as they can to get every last dollar they can from you.

True it makes me excited for how the meta can shift down the road!

Well, Poseidon also took sweet time when Atlantis was out, so Odin is pretty much a given. I mean c’mon, you take Norse Mythology and leave Odin out? That would be asking for a Gungnir in the face.

Same with Thor, his brother is in the game and his alternative versions are already in testing as 5* heroes, so I would imagine his bro (adopted) will make it too.

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They chose a Norse theme because:

  1. That Mythology includes a lot of names people know, especially due to recent Marvel outings

  2. Nobody can claim copyright over them as long as the images they use are different enough to those famous images already in popular culture, or can be demonstrated to be drawn from the ancient mythological information

I would be absolutely stunned if they didn’t cash in on those two facts with all of the names we know

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I want them to add Floki, Ivar, Ragnar , Rollo , Lagherta is It even possible? Bjorn is already in game

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Finale- 9th realm - Åsgard realm seems the perfect timing for Odin.

Hope Surtur will show up as well. And hope SG will not make him an Ice hero.

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