Valhalla Summon Needs A Third Valkyrie

When Valhalla started out and we were given the first set of 3* and 4* heroes, two of the heroes, both Valkyries, somewhat mimicked the special skills of the elite enemies at the Midgard Valkyrie stages. (Mist being an obvious one since she was the boss in all of these.)

The nature Valkyries, the Valkyrie Defender, had a skill that had some similarity to Brynhild, gaining immunity to dispels and mana generation. But we currently don’t have an epic/4* dark Valkyrie that has a similar “stack” ability to the Valkyrie Ambassadors.

I propose a hero who deals slight damage to target and nearby enemies, like Mist. No debuffs or damage over turns, but the Dark Valkyrie Hero will perform a stack for attack and/or defense on themselves and short counterattack for caster and nearby allies. Not sure how to do the hero that would be like Brynhild and Mist but doesn’t make them too out there.

Who is the best valkyrie in norse mythology? Perhaps she could be the 5* valkyrie.

Not against her being a 5* hero. I figured she’d be a 4*, alongside her other comrade sisters. If there’s someone that sits above Commander (Mist), then it’s great for that to be it.

My limited Norse mythos is based on anything connected to Beowulf and Marvel’s loose adaptation of Thor/Loki stuff.

(As I decided to search up names, coincidental that a Season 1 feeder hero is almost named after a Valkyrie.)

Sigrunn :sweat_smile:

Hildr is a reviver in norse mythology.

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I have no idea who might be the best Valkyrie, but here is some list:

Out of this list i screen shotted and cut some names that may match the requirement for “strength” (probably):



And why not this one :slight_smile:

Some good sounding names out of this list, so devs have a room for tests :slight_smile:

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The last one do not even have a wiki page :sweat_smile: