Valhalla reduced cost

The first 5 stages of Midgard Pathway are showing the reduced cost at 7 WE . The remaining 5 show the accurate 3 WE . Perhaps a visual glitch only, though not willing to burn 7 flags to find out .

3 WE is for Normal mode and 7 WE is for Hard mode. You probably have completed the first 5 stages in Normal mode and clicked on Hard mode by mistake.


Thank you.
Doesn’t help when my cat wants to lay on my phone when I’m trying to play :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

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Shadow, there is no bug. There is a Valhalla Forever event currently going on. Standard, is 6 WE for normal, and 10 WE is hard. It’s 3 and 7 because of the event, which reduces the WE to play stages by 3 flags for the duration of the event.

My cat often makes choices I disagree with.

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The important question is does he/she have better luck with summons?

I may just have to give it a go . Surely can’t be much worse then my pulls. Shall let you know :laughing:


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