Valhalla Realm Bonus - Worthless?

At first I was excited about the Realm Bonuses, then I put them in action…

Fenrir (Niflheim Realm) - All enemies receive -5/-10/15% accuracy as long as ally has low health. First read, this was my favorite…every time Fenrir drops in the red, ALL enemies get blinded. Problem - It wipes out all stronger blinds by Drake, Onatel, Neith, etc. Then the kicker, if the next move he fires and heals, another heals him, or he dies…ALL enemies lose the Realm Blind and any previous Blinds that were up are gone. Seems like this bonus hurts the team more than helps. Really shocked and disappointed this was the intended game play function of the bonus.

Freya (Vanaheim Realm) - the mana of all enemies is reduced by -5/-10/-15% when a Vanaheim hero dies. So, this bonus is so insignificant I thought there was a bug at first. I had to record and watch frame by frame. In both raid and map, the enemies would lose a small tic of mana (5% presumably, but the normal end of turn bump jumped them past where they were before the mana loss…Any hero fully charged…will remain fully charged after the “loss” then gain.

Heimdall (Asgard Realm) - All allies gain 10/15/20% mana when an Asgard hero dies. This one “seems” relevant, but I chose to level Telluria over Heimdall so haven’t been able to play with this one.

Did not pull Tyr or Sif so won’t speak on those.

Anyway, it really feels out of all the Event and Seasonal “Family Bonuses” these are by far the worst.


It’s worth noting that (unlike every other “family bonus”) the season 3 heroes get the Realm Bonus regardless of if there are additional heroes from the same realm…

I.e. you need only 1 hero to get some Realm Bonus benefits.
Compare that to any of the other family bonuses and the benefits only kick in with 2+ family members.

So from that perspective any “boost” or “bonus” is already infinitly better than the existing family bonuses.

Remember that these Family Bonuses aren’t really supposed to be Game Changing or Ground Breaking… They’re just a nice little reward to those who either a) have found some synergy between additional family members or b) ignore any lack of synergy in favour of getting the boost.
None of the existing family bonuses really make much of an impact (IMHO)… whether from S2, S3, Event, Atlantis or even the upcoming Seasonal ones… They’re just a “nice extra” more than anything else.


they are definitely subtle bonuses. Whatever realm nordri is from summons a minion for everybody else when he dies- that’s not too shabby.

the blind bonus removing drake’s blind doesnt make any sense. you’d think it would stack.


Good note, but disagree about “nice little reward” you basically cannot use Fenrir with any Blind hero, especially on defense, when it can wipe out a -35% accuracy on three for 3 turns (using Drake for example) for a -5% on all, then one turn later all blinds are gone.

In fact: they may NEVER have been blinded. If last hero firing for enemy knocks Fenrir into the red, they get blind, but if on your turn you heal him or he fires and heals, it removes all the blinds, so when enemies turns cycles again…they were in effect never blinded during their rotation.


Or the Catch-22 sorta thing?

i think that is really my point (at least for Fenrir)…elemental links and family bonuses stack on all other like status effects. The fact that they don’t makes them kind of useless.

Timing? I do not understand? For Fenrir you have no control over when he dips into the red and wipes the stronger blinds. It’s not like you can tactfully select when to use his bonus…and if you choose to not heal him so blinds stay up, well that makes no game play sense. Bottom line, I am very disappointed.

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I originally thought they would work kind of like the buffs/debuff from the runic rocks, so it’s a bit disappointing that they overwrite similar status effects

Sorry what I meant by that was if you see an enemy sniper about to fire or Fenrir is lower on HP then there could be some value is pausing on using the Joon/ Drake special.

Possible solutions:

  1. bonus shouldn’t work for a single family member on its own.

  2. make them stackable with similar specials

  3. don’t kick in as long as similar ailments are active

  4. feed em to Aife :wink:

An issue seems to be only the blinding, since slight benefits are better than none, even if they’re not really noticeable.

You missed one:

Just don’t play other blinding heroes on your team, if you want to use Fenrir.

Perhaps not what folks want to hear, but pretty simple alternative…


“ * Niflheim, Svartalfheim, Midgard & Muspelheim realm bonus status effects have their own icons.

  • Niflheim’s blind effect won’t replace other blind status effects anymore.”

Thank you!!! @Petri this was driving me nuts


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