Valhalla provinces 5 and 6 locked

Earlier today I wasn’t able to play province 4 in hard mode in Valhalla. Now I see that almost everyone has both 5th and 6th province unlocked while I still can’t play mine.

You have to complete province 4 before province 5 is unlocked.

Same goes for province 6


I started Valhalla yesterday thinking I’d stack up some coins for a lucky shot at new hero. First time in 3rd world sorta speak played first 3 provinces didn’t receive any coins so I gave up. Back to the grind doing other stages for recruits and wooden swords. Good luck with Valhalla!

You only get Valhalla coins for completing each stage the first time. Obviously if you choose to repeat a stage you won’t get anymore coins.

Btw… Happy birthday :birthday:.


You need to get the the latest updates to be able to do so. Without the updates, the older version will not allow you to play S3 P4 hard mode even if you’ve had completed all of S3 P1 - P3 hard mode.


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Hi @Sarah2

I’m only done with first stage, bout level 17 on 2nd season. None of the hard stages of any. This 3rd stage is a new release I just got on to check it out do a few then get back to farming war Titans and such so it was first time I’d ever been on these stage should have got Valhalla coins. No biggie life is good! Thanks for the well wishes on me birthday it’s just another day now since I quit drinking year and half ago lol would love to go fishing or cook someone dinner… Not gonna happen so it’s a Monday for me :slight_smile: have a great day and a fantastic weekend!

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