Valhalla Offers Vanished

The offers icon for Valhalla have vanished, and it’s not just for me, others report the same thin in the alliance.
I have restarted the app multiple times to see if it comes back, and nothing.

I use Samsung Galaxy s10.
I bought all offers of the day today -that may or may not be relevant, so i will include it in case.

Yeah mine too. I figured they were just clearing clutter on the screen and they would come back tomorrow. I guess we will see

Same here. Restarting the game or rebooting the device did’t help. I’m using a iphone.
Maybe it will pop up today.

Sorry, newb here. If all offers of the day are bought…does it not take another day to renew offers?

It did happen to me several times a few months ago and it was recurring. It often resolves itself when you reboot your phone.

@Sithstress If the offers of the day are bought, they are not replenished, but a new one will be available but with a different thing to offer, and often with different cost. Not all events provide a daily offers though.

@Ultra thank you for the clarification!

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I also am having this problem. I guess I won’t need to spend anymore money tonight. :innocent:

I think this only vanishes once we buy the offer for the day right?
So I think it was done intentionally this time, which I am happy for.

Each day I have bought the offer and it has gone. Now today I have not bought the offer and it remains there still.

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