Valhalla missions, special stages

Not exactly sure how to describe the thing, but can anyone name any specific condition for special missions to appear?
The thing is, my fellow have an issue with that. He remember doing a specials’ mission for Midgard and Vanaheim, but Jotunheim and Svartaflheim never appeared. Also he have done all normal stages available at the moment and hard ones till 17.9 (Nilfheim Glacier).
Also, worth notice, that support team seems to have difficulties understanding the issue, as their answers are just a come-offs of different kinds.
Here is a link to S3 missions thread.
Also, some screenshots, showing progress and no quests for special stages.

I think @AndreworNIL says about missing 3rd mission of “Complete special stages”

They competed 1&2 missions
1 - 40x Midgard Realm Stages
2 - 30x Vanaheim Realm Stages

But can’t receive 3rd mission
3 - 40x Jottunheim Realm Stages

Support request don’t solve this problem (Harry close Support request without solving)

@Petri @Sara @KiraSG @Staff_SGG
Can you help with this topic.

If I understood correctly, the tasks for special missions are completely down among the missions

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