Valhalla Heroes you REALLY want?

Which Valhalla (season 3) heroes seem most promising to you?

From what I see now:

Rare - all (or almost all) seems good, but Nordi seems like the most important (ice elemental defense down).

Epic - Almur seem the most viable (nature elemental defense down plus can get plenty of sorcerer emblems), but also Mist and Gullinbursti seem very viable, mostly as there are not so many good holy 4*.

Legendary - it is really hard for me to tell. Tyr is the only one I really wish for.



Rare -
Im only missing the new green that boost attack.

Epic -
Only missing Jott and Bryhild.


Im only interested in getting Heimdall .
Better legendaries are coming so id like to pull Friggs or Lady Loki.

Regarding Freya or Alfeike. I have my 5* purples crowed already and i dont parcularly like tyr but there arent much better red options in my roster

my top pulls would be either heimdall or tyrr

Rare & Epic: all of them
Legendary: (released) Sif, Alfrike


Only 5* I’d really want is Tyr for offensive purposes. The only one I need is Heimdall so I can actually have a decent green tank for war.

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I am very confused.


Lady Loki y frigg

I cant remember exactly all the names . Some are really similar . I dont even have the game in english so the names vary from a language to another!

I’d like them all please. But if I had to prioritize, then Almur because I don’t have Evelyn and Mist for her mana control. Those two would be really useful 4* for me.


I have only 5 of the first 3*.

I want them all.:sob:


My most wanted was Almur. Out of maybe 30 total pulls got Baldur, Tyr and Alfrike on alt, but Almur? Nooo, of course not :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen Alfrike rip me open at the Tank position. Very surprising.

Also Gullinbursti is a pretty strong offensive left flank.

I got Heimdall and Sif, aimed for Tyr but not complaining.

I got Heimdall and Tyr, aimed for Sif but not complaining.

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3* have a high pull rate. I already got most of them and won’t bother speciafically pulling for the missing ones. Best is Nordi, followed by Bjorn and Agnes. Grevle is nice too. Got mixed feelings about the rest.

4* Top imo are Almur, Mist and Brynhild and I already got 2 of them, only Almur missing. I would also like to have Fura. Another hero I wanted was Mireweave, but I have her now.

5* Don’t have any yet. Hard to rank, since there are many I’d love to have. My favourites are Sif and Freya, though Heimdall, Fenrir and Baldur are close 2nd.

3: think I have all, not too bothered with them.

4: really want Jott! Emblemed and with Wilbur he could be a poor mans Rata on titans. Have Mist+18 and she’s in my most fun OS team for war, even against Telly (Mist, Jackal, cJoon, Poseidon, cRigard). Great hero, wouldn’t mind a second. Have one Almur and crave a second (no Eve…).

5: want Fenris cause he’s cool and I have scopes but no other alternatives than dupe Frida, Thorne or Richard… Also want Tyr for offense, but most wanted is Ratatosk! Average big heal and crazy attack boost.

Pretty much any of the 5*s; apparently I “need” only the 3s and 4s :grimacing:

Any of 5*, Gullinbursti, Brynhild.

UPD: got Jott, Fura and Almur, so, removed them from list.


Valhalla portal has been extremely extremely generous to me. I have only ever used the coins from the coin deals, and I got almost all the good heroes that I wanted from it. I didn’t pull this valhalla event. I’ll save up some more coins and pull next Valhalla. (So, I don’t have many inputs regarding the newer heroes)


  • Nordri - I can vouch for this little guy. He is a staple in my team that goes against Red titans! And this little guy has skyrocketed my red titan scores. Absolute must have if you don’t have the likes of Frida and King Arthur.
  • Kvasir - Summons minions. Fast Mana. Enough said. Game changer in Tournaments and Challenge Events.
  • Grevle - He is a 3* heimdall and an absolute must in your roster (for reasons that will mentioned later in this post).


  • Mist: Excellent support hero. I have her and love her. I thought she is undoubtedly the best 4* from S3 until I levelled and emblemed…
  • Brynhild: Probably the most underrated 4* from S3. For some reason, everyone seemed so focused on Mist that they ignored her Valkyrie sister. (Probably because she doesn’t deal any direct damage? But this game is not all about brute barbaric strength display. :no_mouth:) Brynhild is an absolutely absolutely top-class support hero(I would even argue that she is overpowered) that can fit into pretty much any attack team (or defense team for that matter). There is only one better support hero from S3… but she is a 5*
  • Almur: Green defense debuff. Enough said.
  • Fura: Alfrike’s daughter. Everyone is focused on Almur. But I feel she’ll soon join the list of great 4* heros. I definitely want her.
  • Gullinbursti: 4* Heimdall. Again, enough said.


  • Alfrike: Her very slow mana put off many. But keeping her mana very slow was an absolute necessity to counter her destructive special, I feel. She will be more than a force to reckon with in rush attack tournaments (and possibly bloody battles)
  • Heimdall: The natural counter to Alfrike. I have this guy at 3/70 and I find him already overpowered. His overheal is an absolute game-changer (and that’s the reason that I want his 3* and 4* versions. Especially his 3* version - overheal at average mana?? Take my coins.) His revive helped my green stack in so many clutch situations.
  • Sif: The best support hero from S3, in my opinion. I have her and absolutely love her. Her skill combination balances both important aspects: dishing out complete damage through riposte WHILE ensuring survival (takes only 50% damage). And of course her mana boost - every hero loves mana boost.!

I am not a fan of Tyr, Baldur or Fenrir. Tyr doesn’t hit hard. Baldur ditto. Fenrir doesn’t hit hard when required and hits hard when the opponent is already low on health, not my cup of tea. (I much rather prefer my Lianna. She hits hard every time. No conditions. No confusion.)

Hope this helps!



I got all rares and epics except for Jott, ironically the one that I wanted the most next to Almur, which i managed to get two of and i’m keeping both :slight_smile:

As for legendaries… ehhh, i been quite fortunate in this regard, getting several freya and heimdall, and also got ratatoskr and fenrir (who i reallyyyyy wanted!!! ah <3), so I think i’m good with s3 legendaries for now, ahah!

Aimed for Mist, Almur, Brynhild, Jott. Got Baldur and Gullinbursti and a second Clarissa. No complaints, will pull for the 4* later.

I like your list a lot and yes, Kvasir is a game changer in tournaments but for the challenge events I didn’t see him. Doesn’t his minions attacking cost a little time? :thinking: Or do I confound their attack duration with the healing duration of Red Hoods foxes?

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