Valhalla Gnomes - Low Drop Rate - No Coins - MASTER

I have been farming heavily at province 11 for backpacks and experience. 400 000 + exp by now, autoplaying as much as I can. Between 160-200 runs there. Only 10 gnomes, and most of those being useless material, but did get 20 coins in one go, and some emblems here and there.

It would be hard from a practical point of view to farm more then I have done, at least not without using loot tickets (saved for atlantis). So would really have hoped for more than less than 25% of available gnomes

5 gnomes.
2 iron crates (completely useless), 1 food bundle (useful, but not worth anything), 3 emblems :roll_eyes: and 10 coins.

That was all normal We and 2 flasks because of a color chest I wanted to open yesterday.

For example last Atlantis which is 1 day shorter I was able to gather a little bit over 100 coins with 3 flasks + normal energy, so probably less total because of shorter duration.

Just sad…

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I also farmed for an elemental chest so did more levels then usual, not a single gnome.

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I have 12 fights and 12 gnomes. Normally I got one or less for 12 fights. I was totally happy. The next 50 fights I got one back to life back to reality😉 Anyway the lore was OK, only twice food and iron.