Valhalla Gnomes - Low Drop Rate - No Coins - MASTER

I spent more than 40 loot tickets and No coins, no emblems nothing… Anybody else or is just me.


Just you probably. I have gotten Valhalla coins (20 total), emblems and iron bundle.

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Not lucky yet. So far 3 Gnomes here

5 Coins
5 Coins
100k iron bundle

The drop rate for the gnomes sure sucks. I’ve blown through 159 WE on a variety of levels so far, but mostly 9-8, with and without loot tickets and haven’t found a single gnome yet.

It’s really counterproductive on SGG’s part, because you’d think they’d want you to spend your gems and money on WE flasks and refilling your energy, but I’m so discouraged by the total lack of return that I’m just gonna quit and save my flasks for AR, where you at least get extra supplies. They limit the drops to 20/day during VF anyway, so I don’t understand why they’re so stingy.

Color me unimpressed.


Haven’t seen any gnome yet either. It feels way too low % to get those. So I really don’t plan to farm at all in this event.


I burnt several flasks to force a level-up to kill a titan.

Just one food bundle.


Got 2 of them on a first try (for 35 coins), and after that autoplayed 90we flags… 3 more. Figured I will never reach cap of 20 with farming on autoplay. :slight_smile:
Got 3 monk emblems, 100k food and 10 meteor fragments.

So, they are definitely there, just not sure if it’s worth it farming, level AR. Most probably not.


I do Valhalla forever for now, mainly because of missions I don’t have finished, but I also have lots of supplies, so I don’t need to do AR, cause I currently don’t really use many ingredients as I play by myself in an alliance. So far no Gnome in 1 flask (58 we energy) for me.

Although it’s better than nothing, VF is overall pretty disappointing. I maxed out the gnome drops today with about 9 WE flasks and only netted 20 Valhalla coins, 12 emblems, and some resources. I plan on using VF to finish the avatar missions, but once those are done, all my WE flasks will be going to AR.


Not a single gnome from approx. 30 runs (10/10 plus advancing on province 22)

2 gnomes in first 10 levels

All I’m getting are iron bundles from them, which are 100% useless to me, pretty dumb that they’re limited too.


It’s just random, the gnomes do not appear on every playthrough. Go on and on, they will appear. I have already found my 20 gnomes. Gave 45 coins, 20 emblems and boxes of iron

Appear rate of Midgard Gnomes is poor, I only met 2 Gnomes after played over 20 times, and no coin is given too, very frustrating setting…

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These Gnomes give not only coins, different production can be both coins and emblems, and resources

I saw a message pop up saying something about ‘no more gnomes left, come back later’. Did anyone else get this?

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Please see Guv’s post from the main VF thread :point_up_2:


Yes I know, but I prefer coins rather than 50k small iron bundle or 3 emblems…

If wishing only made it so…

For the record, I’ve found 4 gnomes in 5 s3 levels since the event started (I’m busy and just started). 3 loot tickets yielded 2, two autoplay yielded 2

10 Dragon Bones (36-9)
10 Valhalla tokens (36-9)
100k iron (3-4)
10 Orichalcum Nuggets (3-4)

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