Valhalla Duplicates - Who’s worth the redundancy?

2 Bjorns, mostly because other purples not named Balthazar and Costumed Tyrum are not that great (yes, not even Guardian Bat). I kept only one Kvasir and Nordri, but 2 of those in same team might be dangerous, especially if you fire both Nordris at the same target one after another.

Mist and obviously Brynhild too. Especially Mist. Stonecleave probably not. Sumle I am not fan of either. Once she gets out, Fura would be a prime candidate to keep multiple copies of.

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Yeah. I’m liking Stonecleave in general. I was even considering emblems, since I really don’t have barbarians to give them to… I don’t quite get his “C” rating from Anchor. On 8-7, he is more useful than Jean-François (both on third ascension).

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I have kept 4x Mist, 2x Brynhild, 1x Stonecleave, 2x Mireweave, 1x Sumle.
4x Nordri, 4x Kvasir, 3x Bjorn

Obviously any 5* I will keep duplicates of,

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Yep… I could’ve given a couple more nodes to BK+3 or more to Grimm+15 (and no other options)… but instead my SC is +11 now lol.

Yep also tried JF for 8-7… yeah, nah lol. I usually put in newer heroes there just for the novelty, but ugh that lack of direct damage feels so off there. Currently have Vela, but once my shiny new Mireweave gets a few levels she’ll get a run, likewise Neith looking over shoulder at shiny new Mist. Sumle will always be there lol.

@Infinite I agree with you on the Valkyrie, for sure. (Between the last 2 Valhallas, I’ve stocked up on 5 each. Might try to pull a 6th if the option to have one for each war team entices me enough.) Honestly, I could see using multiple Stonecleaves since their special has them attack during every turn no matter the color tiles you match. Mireweave is one of those who I think is underestimated right now, but will surprise people with the intensity of it’s stack attack fully leveled.

@Aunty_Krauser I hadn’t even considered Morlovia, nice call. I was just excited about the fact that I pulled a minion maker. (Can’t seem to land a 4 or 5* one of those yet, minus Telluria.)

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@Dragon.Whisperers Why’s that?

@Stormjaw Yeah, Morlovia is all dark and no other color. The bee guy is gonna be leveled right after Pixie and she is 13 levels away from max.

I really love Kvasir, but I have only maxed one of him so far. I am working on 4* and 5* (Evelyn + Elena - kinda eating all my feeders lol)… But Kvasir is fantastic, I used him on both Offense and Defense in the 3* Rush attack, the fact he can add 3 minions per hero gives extra health + the bees cause damage and poison damage (if i remember correctly). Using him in the recent CHallenge Event too, in Rare stages he was fantastic. The only down side, is if you go for fast + score, if he has 2 or 3 bees on al 5 heroes, it takes extra seconds for them to attack. But well worth it in some cases.


My absolutely first Valhalla pull scored Mist. The next three were less desirable. Today out of just 4 pulls, I got two really nice 4 stars (Microwave (Chef Girl!) and Brynhild). That is stupidly lucky!


Why would I never max him?

  • Hits random 4 times for only 150% - you can’t play lotto in RT especially with PoV
  • Hits only in ghost form but can’t gain mana = very slow hero
  • Because the enemy can’t hit him they will target the another heroes, not only with specials, but normal attacks too that will cause the other four to take more damage

While in Dire Ghost form the caster can’t gain mana but is immune to normal attacks, special Skill attacks, status effects and stacks except the damage from enemies that are of the element that is strong against the caster.
So useless vs Yellow

Compared to Tiburtus Costume (easily attainable) he is extremely poor.
Tibs does 25% more damage in one hit instead of four plus defence down to all. Outside or RT a L5 mana troop makes him faster to boot.


Well, even Gobbler is more useful than JF on farming 8-7 :laughing: So that doesn’t say much :grimacing:
Which doesn’t mean that I don’t like Stonecleave. He’s good an quite fun to play :slight_smile:

As for the topic: I think it depends a lot on the individual roster which dupes are worth keeping. Apart from obvious choices like Bjorn or Mist, I’d level a second copy if it benefits me most in one of the main game aspects: If a second copy helps for weekly raid tournaments, for monthly events, for titans it is worth keeping. If somebody lacks healers/snipers/(very)fast heroes in war, a second or maybe even third copy is worth keeping.

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@notyou87 I plan to implement him in the next dark only events or 3 star tourneys where dark is banned. Only problem is, he is competing with Melia and Brienne #2 for Druid emblems. That is my only dilemma rn with them.

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I hold my S3 tiles(now up to 12) until there numbers increase. Yes Im take chance of getting a lot of 3’s but the odd will improve that they are S3’s vs S1 which I have more that I know what to do with. Remember this game reward patients and empty the pocketbooks of the greedy. And we will not taken about the bait and switch mindset.

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Somewhat off topic. But if you’re talking 3* you should keep, Renfeld costume turns into 3* Onatel. I’d keep multiples of him and costume if you’ve got him

Thanks for posting this question… :slight_smile: Was wondering myself…
I was thinking of keeping any fast hero, but then, it does seem like difficult to keep duplicate 3/4*s if you don’t have enough space :frowning:

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