Valhalla: Different costume bonus for 5* and 3/4* heroes

Dear devs,
Looks like Valhalla heroes have different costume bonuses for 5* (5/5/10/5) and 3/4* (3/3/6/1) heroes.

Is this intended?

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Sadly, intended. S3 Rare and Epic have lower costume bonus.

I would be really surprised if Skadi is really supposed to have this “S1” costume bonus. (Although also older challenge heroes have those, but most of the others don’t.)

Yes, this is intended


:man_facepalming: At least twenty facepalms.

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I think this would’ve made more sense had it been the other way round.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game well :sunglasses:


This is a poor design choice I think. All costumes from a select portal should have consistent costume bonuses and it is a huge disappointment to me that this is not the case.

However, could @Petri or another SG staff member confirm if it is intended for S3 5* who already have higher base stats than their S2 counterparts, to also have a higher costume bonus? If so, why? If not, when will this be fixed?

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I think it’s obvious that SG doesn’t want the costumed 3 and 4 star heroes which are easy to obtain to be a competition with new legendary heroes, so players don’t feel too comfortable with cheaper roster.

Let’s not pretend it’s about anything else like, god forbid, a balance, logic or common sense. It’s intended design to encourage higher spending.

Though on a side note, the epics after being emblemmed and limit broken already have better stats than some of the older legendaries so maybe it’s better not to keep going that road. The logic in this game is already upside down and I would have no clue how to explain it to a new player.


And meanwhile s2, seasonal events look on at s3 and challenge festival and wonder why they’re the black sheep.


Why does only 5* get 5/5/10/5, and others 1/1/3/1. Make them all 5/5/10/5, and while you’re at it, all costumes PERIOD 5/5/10/5


Because the game designer have decided like that:

@Dudeious.Maximus I think you can merge this.


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