Valhalla coins already replaced

So, with no announcement at all, they have already removed Valhalla coins from chests and other rewards and replaced them with Underdark coins.

I noticed earlier today that I had an unusual number of coins… so I looked in my history. This is a monster chest from this morning:

Click on underwild coins:

And Valhalla coins:

I expected this, but not so quickly, and not with no announcement at all. And given how crappy VF is, getting more coins for anyone F2P or VC2P — good luck.

I expect no change, but once again they’ve proven just how badly they do at communicating with the community.


I did ask this in beta but got no response.
As was the same there so yeah I guess they only from doing stages or if the gnomes drop them for yah now. :roll_eyes:


Same, I was hoping it would not be done so quickly - considering S3 is only one year old. At least with Atlantis, we had a few extra months.

it’s not only the communications that annoys me. It’s the blatant money grab. Oh, S3 has been fully released, now move on to S4, yeah, now you all gotta summon in S4 instead of trying for the S3 heroes you still don’t have!


Gnomes? What gnomes? Hahaha


Completely foreshadowed by how they treated Atlantis Coins when Season 3 was released, there was announcement of the Atlantis Coins being replaced with Valhalla Coins, but it received some negative rap. This time they just don’t bother announcing it and do it. Because they were going to do it any way.

Watch the same thing happens when season 4 is about to hit the midway point and they announce season 5, and as soon as 4 ends and the Underwild Coins drop get replaced by whatever season 5 themed coins without notice.

Hmm, I wonder how many coins I will get before even starting a single season 4 stage.


Too bad…I expected it


I was going to say I got 2, but realized I finished the pictured monster chest with S4:1-1…

So I guess it’s zero for me.

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Now i’m gonna tell you more!

For the first 2-3 days it will seems you drop S4 coins everywhere, and then magically the drop rates will normalize.

Aaaaaah, random number generator.
You silly boy!


I had 2 coins drop from my wanted chest earlier.

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@Zathrus, you have my condolences.

Not necessarily referring to the coin issue


I really don’t care which coins are in the chests.

I do care that:

  1. They didn’t communicate the change.
  2. That VF is just plain awful for getting coins (I’ve already finished hard).

I actually consider AR to be reasonable for coins given the difficulty of levels (not very) and other loot (lots).


I wish all the coins were in the chests. Eventually people will complete all of the stages, both normal mode and hard. After that, what? What if someone has completed both normal and hard modes on all of Atlantis and they’re still missing half of the Atlantis heroes?

I guess then we’re supposed to farm the stages 24/7 while each season is up and hope for random tricklings of coins from sea dragons and gnomes? (farm 24/7 for 1 or 2 pulls?) Either that, or buy.

When are these old heroes going to make their way into say, training camps or regular summons? Probably never.

They set the odds low, to prevent most of us from getting the best heroes easily. Then just as we are getting close to getting our next summons, they take away our coins and give us a new form of currency. So many different currencies, none of which can be exchanged for another, and all of which have the same 70% chance of yielding a Dawa.


Many of us have finished both normal and hard Valhalla! From where I am sitting @Zathrus makes a completely valid point.


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Lily frogg, I expected someone would raise this point. Here is my reply:. It would take you a very long time to reach the next 100 with the odd 2 coins. Others prefer the ‘new’ coins anyway. I, for one, hardly ever notice what I get from chests (unless it’s an ascension mat). But I definitely welcome the new Season.

My question is… how many coins we gonna have??

The rate we going…we will have more types of coins than all the new cryptocurrencies constantly launching LOL

Seriously… how many different coins are we gonna have to deal with SGG?


Presumably, the next Path of Valor will also switch, or at best the one after that.

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Then Season 5 will be released and onwards, it will contineu to happen. Imo Season 3 is completely useless, VF isnt compelling at all. I havent finishe Hard yet but even during VF it cost so much WE and loot isnt better so I most likely will ever finish Hard there.

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I know, right. This problem could be solved by making ALL the coins available in ALL the chests, and them having mutually exclusive drop rates. That is, the game does a roll for Atlantis coins; then it does an independent roll for Valhalla, then an independent roll for Underwild. So, theoretically all could drop, or none could drop.

But of course, I don’t expect SG to ever do that… scarcity increases perceived value after all :frowning:


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