Valhalla coins 2021

I have been playing season 3 Provence’s 16 hard and have received no coins. I played last night a received them.

Bit unsure on what your saying,

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The first time you complete a hard stage @MarrieAntoinette, you should receive 5 coins. :thinking:. Obviously if you replay the stage you’ll get no coins - although looking forward to valhalla forever… Just saying :wink:.


glad i haven’t started s3 yet personally. will be nice to play through it at lower cost and use all the coins at once now that all the heroes are released.

of course it was a decision motivated by laziness than tactics but still feel good about it lol


You only get coins once per level. Once when completing it on normal, once when completing on hard. If you replay them more than that you don’t get coins.

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