Valhala map - Asgard Provinces revealed after 27-10H

So I found this after clearing 27-10H. I’m guessing this means that you won’t be able to go beyond P32 unless you’ve also cleared the Hard levels along the way?


Actually, provinces 33-36 are unveiled after you complete province 27-10N. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That seems more like it. Not everyone can complete hard mode at this point. Normal mode is so much easier.

I’m on province 29 and the whole Asgard map is now revealed in color. No additional storyline tidbits saying why.

Weird that three of the provinces (33,34,35) aren’t “shadowed” but previous ones are (30,31,32, as well as 36).

Also there is something funny going on with province 33. Intersecting yellow and blue boundaries as well as shading doesnt seem to fill the whole province.

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