Valeria wrong special skill description?

Second point of skill says.
the target receives 150 damage over 5 turns. if a target already has this effect , the duration will be refreshed and the damage will be increased by 220, up to 580 damage in total.
So 150+220 = 370 and 150+220+220 = 590. Where the 10 damage lost?

The 10 damage loss is as it said “UP TO” 580 damage. So ot is a cap no matter what


This is in case you stack Valeria I think.

I not agree. “Increase by” and “up to” will match each other. And no problem with using many Valerias.

I have her at max skill, and the math doesn’t add up correctly like it does with Victor.

Base 110, ÷ 2*165 = 440 … not 430 as the card says.

It may/must be because of troops applied to her. I don’t have her.

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