Valeria/ Victor draining health from multiple hero healing


I’m trying to establish if by biting each of the 5 heroes in a raid, would Valeria or Victor get 5x the 61% heal when the enemy heals? (And cut that heal from the intended target)

It’s proving difficult to test as the healing boost moves too fast for me to review when I try it and the health bar doesn’t really help as enemy hero stats vary so much (e.g. 44% of 1300hp for one and 44% of 1200 for another) I’m also not super hot at the math required.

Can anyone confirm the way it would work with 1 bite on 5 different heroes or suggest a good way I could test myself please?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: are there any good map levels where multiple enemies heal to test this? Thanks again

Victor bite my 2 heros and get 2 healing after heal spell from either boldtusk or kiril.

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Nice! Thanks for the response.

Was that the boss Victor or during a raid? I’d like to confirm on the actual playable card rather than boss as bosses do slightly differ from the playable cards.

Thanks again for the response though. That’s one confirmation!

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