Valeria steals field aid?

Hello everyone again after the discussion if Triton buffs field aid ( keep ya posted as war progresses !! )
I have another question do you think Valeria with her special that steals healing also steals field aid ???

Have not tested it but I would say no. Like the attack boost in wars, that cannot be dispelled, it’s in its own category not modified by stats and abilities. Im guessing life steal as well, would not alter healing aid.

Well I’m always in for an experiment !!! Keep ya posted !!

It’s not really dispelled just stolen dispelled would make field aid inactive obviously that won’t work but stealing healing from a single hero ??

The only time I use her is in war with field aid.

Yes, she steals field aid heals just like any other heal. Unfortunately, it’s the only time I find her valuable.


Yes she steals field aid I used her last time we had a field aid war.

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