Valeria special doesnt up

Used 5 2 star and 5 1 star from offer to get valeria started. Chance for special up was 100 percent…

After putting trainers in… special 1…

Already made message to support. Android.

After she is 4/70 and did not get 100%?

She was 1 1 and after leveling with 100% chance this…

After 9 trainers chance was 98… maybe more than 100 is zero?

You used all trainers?

5 2 star and 5 1 star blue trainers

Same color 2* gives 4% chance for special up, 1* gives 2% chance. Hence 5 2* and 5 1* gives 30% chance for special up, at least until hero level isn’t maxed. And your isn’t.


2bad I didn’t make screenshot… it really said 98 percent after 9… and those aren’t trainers… how else can I get 15,000 points and 37 levels…

Trainers give only more xp but chance for special skill up is the same than for regular hero of the same rarity.

So, there’s no way you had 98% or 100% chance for special skill level up when feeding 1* and 2* heroes regardless whether they are trainers or regular heroes.

Try this out with other trainers you have. The only ways to achieve 100% chance for SS level up are:

  1. Feed 4 duplicates of the same hero i.e. feed 4 other Valerias to your Valeria as each duplicate gives 25% chance,
  2. When hero is maxed but their SS isn’t, chance for SS level up is multiplied by 5.

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