Valeria should I take mats and put them on someone else in that class?

she’s good but does she deserve the mats where the game is now or should I move on ?

You should remove them if you have a lot of food and iron available. The monk class has great heroes like Wu and Wilbur. What monks do you have?

I stripped mine for Wilbur as soon as I could. Val is OK, but I use her less and less the more I expand my bench.

I have wu, wilbur, c. boldtusk and marie-t but she’s not ready yet

I’d give emblems to Wilbur (or Wu) in that case, depending on whether you have other titan heroes (Miki, Tarlak) and what titans you are fighting.

don’t have miki or tarlak so who would you give them to wu or wilbur?

thanks for the advice

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