Valeria, did she worth ascending materials?


Hello, i saw that Valeria is ranked C in the anchor heroes guide, i feel that she’s better than that. What do you think?


I was lucky to pull victor. I’ve got him to 3/70 finally and have been raiding with him for a few weeks now. (Iirc)

I have to say I agree with anchors rankings on Vic. And they look right on Val, too

Their strength is 100% on offense in raids.

For Better or worse their special only gets max value IF you hit the right target at the right time.

On defense, you just can’t trust it’s gonna happen as you’d want.

Would I ascend Val?

Yes. I would. I seem to have plenty of warm capes… and her situational usefulness on offensive raids would be valuable in wars. And. She’s fun!

If Capes are at a true premium for you… there are honestly better options. Kiril and Grimm for sure in the 4* range.

That’s just imho of course :slight_smile:

Edit; I don’t think Vic will get to go to 4/80. It’s between him and Sartana and I’m sad to say I think Sartana is the better choice. Even if she is boring


Idk, I’m not a huge fan on her. Her attack is low and so she hits pretty weak, only benefit is you can stack her DOT but that is very situational and therefore not ideal. Maybe paired with another vampire it wouldn’t be so bad, but I’d put Kiril, Grimm, Triton and Sonya before her.

Victor, on the other hand, has a nice high attack stat, so he hits a lot harder and also buffs the team. I think he’s pretty solid, but Valeria, to me, falls flat. I have her too (no Victor for me though), but haven’t even started with her. She’ll probably get leveled before Agwe but after Boril [for me].


I already ascend kiril but not grim still at 3/60. The problem is gloves not cap. I have only 2 gloves and i must choose. Maybe It’s better to ascend leonidas to 3/70 and keep my last gloves to ascend domitia to 3/70 Also. I was thinking about valeria for alliance Wars.


I would ascend Grimm over Valeria, Domitia and Leonidas. Grimm is very useful in red titans and events and wars. I actually planning ascend second one. Still using him everyday, even though I have Magni and Misandra leveled up.


I have Victor and Valeria maxed, Victor is really nice addition to anty Guin team, but I cannot say the same on Valeria. Tried her on raids a few times, but would rather go with a second grimm instead of her.


Since the RNG gods decided to give me 2 Valerias here comes the big question.

Do the specials of the 2 stack ?

If yes this could make her a lot more usefull. . :wink: