Valeria and Vlad Needed a boost

No1 in their right mind who has more than 5 purple heroes uses Vlad in any turney or challenge event. Few uses Valeria…. Why? Cuz they were dated the day they came.

So now I see all the costumes on all the heroes that was released last year. But those heroes that are 3 years old and as usefull as a monkey in the driver seat of a tourbuss does not get anything. So please… do fix costumes for these old farts so they finally can smell the field of battle.

Vlad might be the worst three star in the game


I maxed a Vlad solely for collection purpose.


I have done the same too :wink:

I agree 100%. It makes you wonder what the heck they are thinking. Just like the buff to the already great circus heroes.

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I agree about Vlad ( see notes )

Including myself, I know many players that did not waste a roster space on Vlad and just used Vlad for Hero XP

Valeria History

Valeria already got a buff ( see notes )

Due to Merciless RNG, I never did get my 2x to 6x Valeria ( see notes about teams with 2x Valeria )

Field Aid vs Undead Hoard

If I Recall Correctly, the biggest insult to all Vampires, but especially buffed Valeria, was removing War Rule Field Aid and replacing it with War Rule Undead Hoard

Most players did not level anti healing heroes ( can you imagine the player rage against regular/ rare Titans that healed?), so many players hated Field Aid

SGG wanted to start a minion Meta even though players originally opposed a Minion Meta. Interestingly SGG gave Mythic Titans a version of minions, which is a version of Titans that heal. But this has less impact since Mythical Titans already have infinite HP

Live Service Game Metas

This is one of the drawbacks of live service games. They are grindy to boost micro transactions. But the huge grind, and micro transactions, makes experimenting, and enjoying the mechanics of the game, very hard and too risky for the majority of players.

Really the only way I see SGG buffing Valeria is giving Costume Valeria a Renfield minion since SGG seems obsessed with minions and fiends

Missed opportunity

But I expect Vlad, and Valeria, to never shine in future Empires and Puzzles metas ( see also 1*+20 heroes )

Note: My 4* hero knowledge is weak after Season 2


Click for notes

Dream of Multiple Valeria

(🎃 Valeria - 4* Ice/ Blue from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) - #3 by Gryphonknight)

Valeria Buff


Field Aid

(Bring Back Field Aid!)

1*+20 Heroes



Let me introduce you to a couple of my lonely friends. Greymane and Morris.


Atleast they do something. Morris can for example when attackin give u two extra chances to push bricks. But he is far from a favorite.

Valeria: If you say she got buffed She possible have. But still its not enoug to make her usefull as she is. As one of the few very fast heroes she should be up there in the top racket and not sit on the bench just becouse she is this poorly made. With 100% steal healing put on 3 enemies during 3 turns shie would still just be meh.

Well you should Valuate heroes in the environment they’re used in. There are just a handful of 4* who are good enough to compete with 5*. Valeria is solid against 4* teams that have 2 or even more healers which i often face during tournements but is vulnerable against cleanse but the same is true for a lot of other heroes.

Question one should ask is which roster can benefit from her being very fast and her statuseffects? Is she able to help new players or those who are midtier?

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