❣ Valentine’s Day Offer – Share the Love! What do you think of this?

I know this is my second post today, but today was the most fun I’ve had since I started playing this game. SG, you have really capitalized on what people say over & over: despite all of their frustrations, they stay because of the community. SO much love & joy going back and forth today. Whether people spent or not, it sparked good feelings and fun. Even though lots of people were out because of Valentine’s Day, even our Titan scores were higher because of the cameraderie! As someone else said, it tapped into the simple joy of kindergarten. It’s deeper than just a seasonal gimmick. Keep thinking deeply and you will keep all of our hearts here. :heart:


Lol why give people ideas? That will just encourage SG to introduce stipulations next time that will get new alliance members skipped over and shafted just because a few others got greedy

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I actually said that but do not move at all.
As it is a nice kind of offer, i do not want to exploit it and encourage Small Giant to not do that anymore.

But more then anything, mercing for gems is more easy to say that to do.
You have to pick and joining alliances that buy it before they actually gonna buy (otherwise is useless), and there’s no way to know how much you have to stay/wait if not for some small hint on alliance chat.

I do not bother so much, and i think only multiple alliances groups (accademy or such) can really take advantage on this system.

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This offer has sorely tempted me to lose my f2p status after 14 months :grinning:

As this was clearly a very popular offer, be sure to vote to support more of them!

Thanks @Ozy1 for creating a post in #ideas-feature-requests to support more offers like this one:

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Hi @zephyr1 much more acceptable, thank you for your understanding and support.

If I might add to this as a note to SG in response to the effects this has brought on within our alliance anyway.

As the leader I purchased these because they where offering a reward (it really wouldn’t have mattered what the reward was to he honest) but a reward to every member of my allience, one that had been together now for quite a few months.

Know that many in my allience are free to play players I was very happy to be able to reward them this gift.

The effect this brought on my other members was one that should interest SG the most in encouraging them to allow more of these types of things more often as it enticed members who wouldn’t normally spend to put a few bucks themselves in appreciation.

I feel if this where say a fortnightly or monthly occurrence it would greatly improve the games moral in SG’s favour.

As for those replies stating it should have been more for each member! Thise are just greedy replies with no thought process put into their comments.

Again great offer and hoping to see more of them in the future.

On a side note, having a simple simular reward that just leaders have access to on a perminant bases within thier settings fir example which allowed them to purchase that item for their allience members would also be a nice feature to have. As a suggestion this could have for example 5 items in it and each member gets 1 of those items randomly.

Unlike the above original request for an allience one which each member can purchase this one would be only for leaders to each member.



I love it.
Got 30 gems, pulled a holy 4* crit troop. Last to have rainbow of leg troops…

Immediately also bought a valentine ‘gem session’ for my mates.

If all would buy, it’ll be cheap gems 4 all.

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Was a very unexpected pleasent surprize. We had lots of participation with our alliance. THANKS

I loved this deal! Thank-you SG!

As a co-leader in my alliance I have often wanted to give gifts to my alliance members so this was a no-brainer to buy :grin:


This was an awesome offer. Several members of our Alliance (including myself) did it to help out newer and FTP members


This offer was really timely for our alliance. A bunch of us were in an alliance with an inactive leader and co-leader, so we all left and formed a new alliance this week. I’m the leader and when I saw the offer, I thought what a great way to celebrate our new alliance! I got it and so did one of the co-leaders. I know several of the alliance members of f2p, so they really appreciated getting the 60 gems. I have to say as leader, I would love to see more offers like this to show the members appreciation.


Free-players in my alliance were thrilled, witch makes it the best offer!
Everyone is a winner with this offer.


I agree…thought this was a great offer and hope it comes up again on other holidays…

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Loved it. TYVM. We had 15 members of our alliance that purchased the gift. Was fun way to spread a little cheer and good will. Keep up this sort of idea. I know several ppl who will take advantage of it.

I loved this!! I’ll never spend money to play a game, but I did spend on this because it wasn’t too expensive AND it helped everyone in the Alliance I am part of. If there are other offers like this one, I will buy again. It is a wonderful idea!

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Lol. Artificially strong, yes

This was a great idea

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I also enjoyed this, was not compulsory, but a nice touch. I am not a player that spends alot of money on any games, but ocassionally I will. Falls in line with the VIP dragon.

I thought this was a great idea!

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