Valentine’s Day Offer – Share the Love! What do you think of this?


This is the most interesting offer mechanic I’ve seen since I started playing, and I bet others will have thoughts on it too:

When purchased, the whole alliance chat gets a notification:

And you got an inbox notification with their name and the gems:

Share your thoughts!

EDIT: @princess1 wrote a message you can copy/paste into alliance chat to thank purchasers without pressuring those who prefer not to spend money:

EDIT: @Ozy1 added a post in #ideas-feature-requests where you can vote to support more offers like this!

For those who’ve been playing more than a year, was this offered before? I couldn’t find a thread mentioning it.

EDIT: thanks @Witch for confirming this is new this year.

BUGS with Valentine’s Day Offer (NO FEEDBACK)
Free (rider) to play - Valentine's offer
Happy Valentine's Day SG!
Thank You and Happy Valentine's Day SG!
Valentine offer. Nice
Valentine offer. Nice

That was a very sweet gift. Hope there’s more offers like that in the future!


I liked this offer quite a bit. I would have liked it even more, if the gift of gems for the alliance members had been a bit more… at least 100 gems.


I absolutely love the idea! Kudos to you, SG! Keep it coming :slight_smile:


@zephyr1 No - this is a first…


Aah you bet me to it @zephyr1!

I love this deal, so nice to be able to get something for all alliance members. Would love it if more of these became available for special occasions @Petri @Sara hint hint :wink::grin:


Although, if SG is open to suggestions maybe allow the option of anonymous gifts from within the alliance. I noticed one member cautioning others not to feel obliged to reciprocate.


This offer is terrible. Our alliance chat is so full of love and thanks. I have to womit.

Ok, seriously. This offer is a brilliant idea. Ok value for the buyer and a nice gift for the people you play with.


I think the public disclosure piece is both the most brilliant marketing component, and most socially awkward/peer pressure inducing component.


Thanks for the gift, @ProfLoki. :wink:



OK which alliances are P2W?

I want to join to receive freebies :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

On a more serious note I hope my alliance members are spenders xD


Very cool idea. A couple of my alliance mates have gotten it so far, we’d be more than thrilled to have you! :kissing_heart:


This is my favourite offer in ages.


Thank you for the Valentine’s Day offer SG!!! I’ve been looking for a meaningful way to let my alliance know how much I appreciate them. This was perfect, affordable and well-timed!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Wishing you an abundance of love & blessings!!!


This is really a good thing from SG!!

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Loved it. Good value and a nice little way to send appreciation to my team. Wouldn’t be playing if it weren’t for their support.


More the reason I love this game. Thanks for the opportunity to gift my Alliance. Happy V-Day SG!


I love it.
Nothing like an egalitarian deal.
It would be even sweeter in the future if they donated a portion of deals to charity… that would be very nice.


Love this innovative gift sharing, thank you SGG,
Should have done same for Christmas :grin:

Happy Valentine day all!