Valentine offer. Nice

I just came across it and purchased it only for 1 reason because it gave my allience a reward as well which I thought was a nice and appreciated gesture.

SG, you should offer more of these offer to allience leaders for them team members. It would allow leaders to show appreciation of loyalty and commitment.

Little cheap offerings like this is great.


It is one of the best offer ideas yet.

@Petri this will be a massive hit!!! WELLDONE SG

Ps … more please he he


One of the nicer offers around since this is also in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

I bought it to give to my alliance mates as red packets (Chinese custom - money usually).

Such offers are great since is motivates people to buy and makes it more worthwhile since everyone in the alliance gets something. :slight_smile:


I loved this, it let me give my very supportive alliance a gift


This is a great way to appreciate your alliance (and you will make an a$$load of money off it), thanks SGG


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On a related note, I’m adding a link to your idea thread, @Ozy1, in the top post of Valentine’s Day Offer – Share the Love! What do you think of this?

Suffice it to say from feedback in that thread, this was a very popular offer.

Valentine’s Day gifts were a brilliant idea and I hope it made you plenty of money so you will do it again. Anything that allows greater Alliance interaction or a chance to do something nice for your friends is a great thing.


Everybody loved it in our alliance. This was a great offer, I guess all of us bought it, just to the appeal of share.

since so many people are bragging about how Gem involved in Raid Event , then i propose this Event become a routine every 2-3 weeks.

lets C2P Player or Mature player helps & donate some gems for others who bragging about every thing that involved Gem ingame as emblem offer/raid event. it will helps them participate for Raid Event or they can use for other purpose.

Break down

  • for Developer : it will be another income for you , once or twice a month should not hurt
  • for C2P : i dont mind to spend $5-$10 a month to help my guildmate , personally i always and limit my spent $200 a month , i can spend more but i choose not , this is marathon game and control is a key. but i am sure many people spent more than me.
  • for F2P : its your benefit to join active Alliance and stop be-ing spoiled brat
  • ingame : alliance would be sweet spot for F2P , Leader and Co-Leader could use this as benefit part of their recruitment by saying they will purchase this offer to help their members.

personally i purchased past Valentine Event and got about 330 Gem from my alliance mate.

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Since we’ve now had the Share the Gems Offer, I’m closing this thread as implemented in the game, so votes are released for use elsewhere. :slight_smile:


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