ValenC or Gato (in events)

So, with the new costume for Valen… is now ValenC more usefull in events that Gato? Gato attack is 516 and his special is 300%. ValenC attack is 488 but his special is 335% and add a +54 during 6 turns…

What do you guys think?

I have both now too, going to max CValen. I’ve got to think CValen is now. Having him and Nordi working together could ruin the other team quickly.

Gato avoid chick Jr to receive the def down after he fires that’s why you want him

Since we don’t know if he has Chick Jr, which would recommend without knowing his roster?

Events you say? I have 2 Vodniks and 4 Gatos maxed, but none see action in events. I see no different with costumed Valen. For events, I use costumed Gunnar, Nordri, Chick Jr and Frosty. Gato was used to neutralize Chick’s self ailment, but he will be replaced soon. I was debating between costumed Karil or 2nd Nordri. But Nordri will be more useful for me due to the elemental defense debuff not only for challenge events but also against red mythic titan. Those blue snipers will be useful on certain raid tourneys and I will be soon culling some of them as I have too many of them.


It depends on if you are going for completion or placing.

For a competitive team, you’d want the most firepower you can with an equal amount of luck for an amazing board. A healer doesn’t fit into that picture.

The OP sounds like they are min/maxing attack which I read as competitive.

I barely use Gato anymore because I tend to use C-Hawkmoon, C-Gunnar, Nordri, Nordri, C-Karil if I go with blues. For early levels sometimes I put in Gato and leave out a healer or a second Nordri. I only go for top 10k and it works well.

But if I get C-Valen I will use him over Gato in any situation other than a 3 star buff booster tournament.

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I don’t have Chick Jr. In events I try to compete and use Nordri +18, KarilC + 18, 2 other KarilsC and GunnarC +18. But recently I have seen a video from E&P books where he is using Gato instead of one KarilC in later stages so I was thinking giving a try but I don’t know if VelenC will be more usefull than Gato in this scenario.

My ice rare event team so far was c Gunnar, Nordri, Gato, Chick Jr, Gato.
Gato mail role in this team is aliment protection (Chick JR attack down) and high tile damage (base attack stat is 516, mine are +11 and have 561 attack).
C. Valen buffs his own attack, but has base attack stat 465, so notably lower than Gato. I am not considering him for my ice rare event team. What I am considering is using c Ulmer with his attack buff to entire team instead of one Gato, and his base attack state is not so bad - 498.

In his lasted video he posted nordi, ulmer, ©ulmer, karil, karil that he’s probably going to use.

On topic valen and gato always a good 1-2 punch on hero’s :slight_smile:

I check this video just now. Ok, I do not have UlmarC but will see what that team could do before putting more emblems on my other Karils. I see now that ValenC is not better than Gato. Thanks to all!