🧙 Vaishali – 5* Holy / Yellow from Tower of Magic

They’re viewing her on a defence standpoint. So of course she’s on par

Dont know about this - i try to look at heroes at how useful they will be on attack…
Because strong support heroes usually last the longest for game use

Defense use is often only of limited time

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Yup, she’s very strong. Especially being the only DOT caster that priority dispels. Cannot stress how important this is especially in today’s meta. The first DOT caster that is able to threaten something properly

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I also wished she had related bonus to sand empire as she is chess themed.

With Telonious first charge her DOT will be around 500 per turn, same family and his 256 poison per turn. Also Halloween muffin lady. Next to costume Sif for the 15% mana for the second charge. All kinds of fun possibilities. I like her as an offensive support

Hi guys, do you reccomend the shield/health Path as in the polls ? Or someone has a different opinion ? Thank you in Advance

It depends :tm:

She’s very similar to Milena in that regard, as to whether you would prefer to use her defensively on 1 st charge for the cleanse, or offensively to buff up the sand damage.

Personally, I went shield/health on my Milena because of her older stats, and I mostly use her for the cleanse, but I can see the value in going attack/shield for the boost to her damage on 2nd charge.

I personally would choose shield/health for Vaishali though, because again, myt first priority would be using her as a cleanser


What I like about these Magic heroes is that although they’re imperfect, they do so many little things that it’s fun (for me) to try to find synergies. Specially in offense and since I’m not on a top alliance defense doesn’t matter. The more extensive the roster the better they are.

Tried Willow as she has the druid mana node next to C Sif different bards to see if I could get the second charge in 3 matches. She did!

Vaishali is only at 2/1 so won’t work without the mana node but as a cleric it will also work. Her second charge with Telonious will do over 750 worth of DOT per turn and the mana chain is great with Myoin-ni

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