🦅 Väinämöinen – 5* Nature / Green from Legends of Kalevala

Don’t forget that these heroes are from a seasonal event, where you can summon them with EHT.

We all know the policy of SGG - the best heroes are in the most paywalled events.

Having said that, this guy is powerful enough for a seasonal event. If he was released in a regular event he would definitely have at least 300% hit. Blind to all at fast speed is very good perk. Better than some may think.


Really? Frigg is much better IMO.

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The defense down certainly helps. But that varies depending on how many green tiles are on the board. It would have helped if I had mentioned that my alliance uses green tanks, and that I sometimes use Finley on defense.

But yeah, just looking at the defense stat, Vainamoinen seems like an option.

You undererstimate him. Frigg is a good defender but not tank material.

Also there more are counters to defense down, there are no direct counters to blind especially if it becomes undispellable for 5 turns it is effectivly a dodge.

To play around this you don’t take red. Which is exactly the purpose of him.

Yea seems like it, but unfortunately since my alliance doesn’t run green tanks I wouldn’t benefit that much from his value at that position.

Yeah, wasn’t thinking tank here. This guy is probably a better tank than Frigg is…but at least Frigg is guaranteed to hit all.

Thoughts on this guy? Just got to 3/70, worth mats and LB? Who has been using him?

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He is great for his blind utility!
Works great together if you combine him with a dodge hero (C. Kadilen, Bastet, Hanitra, Margaret).

I would recommend him for mats… Only other hit 3 greens, who would go before him, are El Nadahha and Gan-Yu, if you build around minions…

Kalevala fish frog is more of a selfish hero, who could work well on his own or with fiends and Quenell is pure dmg without real utility and best used for challenge events.

Green Gandalf is very solid everywhere. Did I mention bloody battle also :slight_smile: