🦅 Väinämöinen – 5* Nature / Green from Legends of Kalevala

i def agree that he needs a buff in his damage. I think if we saw that, it would even out to make him more desirable to the masses. But for now Im gonna keep using him especially against def teams that like to bring all heroes that attack all.

I’m leveling him now. I also got the other 5* green, the ugly toad, but figure this guy’s special is a bit better because of the accuracy debuff. It’s the same as giving your entire team a 30% dodge bonus and we all know how horribly annoying it is to fight C Kadilen. 30% is less than Kadilen’s 45% but it’s still something.

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Having the hardest time trying to figure out who to work in first: Vainanoinen or Iku-Torsu.
Blind vs Water dmg…

vainamoinen will be a better tank, because he discourages fire undispellable 5 round blind is great, currently leveling him to use him as a tank.

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the passive and the family bonus are excellent but I am not convinced … compared to the heroes who have come out and who have recently come out, it seems to me weak … old vainamoinen in name and in fact to be rejuvenated … with an increase of% of the blow I agree on the 300 and a slight increase in Blind% from 30% to 40% / 45% to at least keep up with the game …

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I really wish these Kalevala heroes were slightly better. With other hit-3 heroes now doing as much as 390%, the damage these Kalevala guys put out (280% and 270%) seems extremely lackluster by comparison.

300% would seem much better. It’s still under the 320-360% that others are doing but it makes it easier to want to level them. Now it’s a tougher choice - will the second part of the special (water damage over time and accuracy debuff) be worth the lower damage?

I think this guy would be a better tank than he gets credit for. With Blind to All and when LB his defense is 1010. With the fast mana he will hit 3 quickly then rinse and repeat.

Accuracy seems overlooked for winning matches because it relies on a different way of playing than hit em all and hit em hard. I have a full accuracy team and it win almost all matches if it gets charged. Missing a special attack is brutal to a teams synergy.

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Meh, this guy just doesn’t have it. I mean he’s perfectly serviceable, but for a brand new event hero he is pretty weak. Worse than Dr Moreau and C Drake IMO. Yes, the blind goes to all, but 30% is low.

Hard disagree. Anything less than 450% damage to all and 95% blind at very fast speed and he becomes Friar Tuck’s dinner.

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