V38 unannounced QoL change?

Just noticed after updating to v38 that the ‘+’ button in the Forge and TC (and probably elsewhere too), if held down, increases MUCH faster than before. Very handy for making thousands of minor HPs for AL2b.

Thank you @staff, let’s hope this is one of many simple improvements checked off the QoL requests list in the next few updates :+1:


I just checked the training camp and am not noticing a difference. I’ll have to check out your suggestions later.

Loading up 1200 minor HPs in the forge, there used to be about 7 ready by the time I finished, now it’s 2. So about five minutes faster. Could potentially be my rubbish phone but it’s different since today’s update.

in my android its pretty much the same as aways

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That’s qol improvement to you? I have not noticed a thing.

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I don’t notice a difference while watching it, but I did a big batch of little healing potions earlier, and now that I see it mentioned here, I don’t remember it feeling as interminably long as it usually does! LOL. Hard evidence only, up in here!

I just tried minor mana pots and didn’t notice a difference

7 minutes of holding your finger down on a + button down to 2 mins, yes it is lol


but i reeeealy wish a faster way to fill my alchimy lab


Yeah… But it’s worth saying thank you for the tiny improvements we do get. It’s a little bit like Stockholm Syndrome, but in Helsinki… :man_shrugging:


Ahhh, Helsinki Sweden.

(Bonus points for film reference :joy:)


It’s all the same place really. I’m off to play Scandi Crush…


Opposed to the “click > insert number > craft” that most games have our crafting system is 4 parallel universe behind.


YEsssssssss… automatically repeat the previously selected formula. Say bye bye to hand cramps!

This is actually such a big annoyance for me that I often don’t fully utilise the alchemy lab and lose out on a lot of items and alkashards



I love that movie


This is what this game drove you at…even thinking that this “improvement” needs a thanks means that there is something really wrong beneath

Tongue was firmly in cheek, apologies if too subtle lol

Although I do appreciate the improvement, as I transmute thousands upon thousands of minor hps

I just suck it up and get on with it. It’s a frustration but one I’ll deal with until we get a fix…


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