V37, Status Effect order

Now all Status Effect actions are done in age order, from oldest to newest. Now, if the Hero receives burn/poison before HP recovery, the damage is done before healing

  • If special cast multiple Status Effects, the first status effect on the Special Description is considered as oldest, and last is newest
  • The correct order can be seen on the Battle Info panel on the status effect list

I have a question for the part of v37.
How about cleaser? Is it same as healing case that follows order?
For example, my heros get burn and then Rigard off the skill, then clease will done after burn damage?

DoTs effect every turn. Cleanse immediately removes them when the skill is casted.


It’s a valid question when it comes to Francine’s (hope I got her name right) type of turn based cleanse. But as far as I know she’s the only one that does that trick so far and her card says “at the end of the turn”, so I guess that will stil apply.

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For Rigard it is directly cleanse on cast, there are no different before and after v37.
So, it is not a status effect.
Rigard costume cleanse also not a status. But the heal over time it is a status, and the status will in queue list (oldest to newest).

Francine cleanse skill it is a status. It will queue on which status are from oldest to newest…


Thank you so much for all of you guys reply.

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