V30 game crashing

I’ve been playing for about 2 years on an android and have never had any issues. Seems like after the V30 update, I am getting intermittent issues where the game will freeze and I will have to close and re-open app to get it working again. I lose any progress that was going on at the time.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes, since the update my game has also been crashing randomly during raids. Game is on ios.

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It has happened to me four times. I am on Android.

In the current tournament, I lost 2 battles that were nearly over (enemy down to last hero) when the game crashed. I lost all points from those battles as well.

It’s happened on 2 raids for me, a handful farming, and just randomly in base. So nothing really specific but just crashing in general

Still experiencing the game crashing after the 30.01 update.

Generally will crash after performing a number of operations such as viewing heroes, leveling up, viewing inventory … and then game closes (crashes).

Running IoS 12.4.2 for iPad.

Havent run into yet with the small update but will post if I do

Last week I couldn’t make 3 attacks in the war, the game simply closed soon after the battle began, and sometimes happen when i’m attacking titans, always after enter the battles, never before.

I’ve experienced this as well except I can’t even load the game
Does anyone know a fix for this without uninstalling the game or do I wait for the next update to see if it’s fixed?

Game is still crashing… can happen during a raid, titan fight, or even browsing the hero roster.

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Can confirm that this is still happening. Costing me cups, because it happens during raids. Please fix this.

Edit: Costing me food as well because of rerolls.

Same here, keeps crashing… have tried everything … will now lodge a support ticket…

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