V28 monster HP increase, for instance in S1:8-7? [Solved, Ack by staff in post #27]

A point made somewhere else was that the people the S1 changes hurt the most are the early game players still trying to level up and move through the map. The mid-late game players will have a farming team that will handle the change with little issue.

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Yes later will, but the earlier ones will have more trouble. I was farming it when I had to hand fight it because it was still tough

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I have kadilen at 2.60. I use her to farm 8-7. She used to 1-hit all the enemies (group of 4) with her ss. And 3 tiles directed at the blue enemy would kill it.

But now she doesnt. Has she been nerfed?

No the enemies have been buffed

I see it now. Thanks… just made it a little inconvenient to redo my farming team. But i do agree that it makes it harder for newbies.

May not be on the popular side here, but newbies need to now grow further their teams, just like old players did at some point and still doing…

Does it make it slightly harder yes, is it still pretty easy overall yes.

My question is why do it at all?
A programmer has been assigned this job, it was a choice. Who benefits?
Is it a case that all stages will be buffed and this is merely the first wave?
Instead of new content, is this a way of saying we are doing something?
I’ve searched the forums and I’ve never seen a request to buff these stages for any reason.
I pretty sure if someone can just explain the reasoning, we can all just move on. @Petri


I wondered this as well, why are they spending time on buffing levels when I’m sure there are other priorities more pressing and this only hurts newer players and why would they want to do that. I
I’m boggled


This has happened twice in the past two times i burned through WE today after updating…ive farmed this level thousands of times and my Joon at 4^ 55 and kingston at 4^50 have ALWAYS killed the two bosses at the end with their special…now i know that the damage will vary by up to 100 or so damage from time to time, i have noticed that but now kingston never kills the boss now and Joon kills the boss occasionally…Have the bosses gotten a little defense boost? Or maybe more health? Did both of my heroes get nerfed somewhat? And now another issue… i fired off kingston and QoH fast and then fired off joon and you can see from the pic QoH has her minion where i fired her off and you can see where the yeti has kingstons defense down on him…and it still has over half health so kingstons damage never registered…since the update hes doing a little better than 1k damage and the yeti only has 1200ish health…QoH does around 5 to 600 damage…shes at 4^74…heres the picture…

It’s not a bug. It was in the patch notes with Update 28


Don’t know what your talking about. I auto farm on 23-9

He’s referring to this announcement ftom SG

  • Adjustments to the difficulty of some stages in Season I Provinces 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
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Ok so the level was bumped up a touch…obviously not the end of the world…but the issue still exist on mine where kingstons hit didnt do ANY damage yet still applied the negative buff to the boss…the damage that was done to the enemy was from QoH special…she does about 600 damage which is why the enemy has half his health…kingston does around 1100 which almost kills the enemy…i fired my heroes from right to left…kingston, QoH, Joon…joon killed his target…QoH + Kingston should have done something like 1700 damage…

I always farm S1 8.7 and Alice killed the boss in one hit. As of today’s update, she no longer takes out the boss.

Maybe the boss did some bench presses?


This may be the adjustment in season one that they posted.

Give her a few att nodes and she will again. :wink:


Adjustments to the difficulty of some stages in Season I Provinces 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Yes, I noticed that Tiburtus isn’t guaranteed one-shotting three enemies in 8-7 anymore; and in the boss stage of 8-7, Grimm+18 and Colen+18 isn’t an autokill of the two bosses anymore, either.

No big whoop. Just observed it as I was quickly farming recruits. :slight_smile: It’s just a smidge less quick now.