V28 monster HP increase, for instance in S1:8-7? [Solved, Ack by staff in post #27]

Ok so the level was bumped up a touch…obviously not the end of the world…but the issue still exist on mine where kingstons hit didnt do ANY damage yet still applied the negative buff to the boss…the damage that was done to the enemy was from QoH special…she does about 600 damage which is why the enemy has half his health…kingston does around 1100 which almost kills the enemy…i fired my heroes from right to left…kingston, QoH, Joon…joon killed his target…QoH + Kingston should have done something like 1700 damage…

I always farm S1 8.7 and Alice killed the boss in one hit. As of today’s update, she no longer takes out the boss.

Maybe the boss did some bench presses?


This may be the adjustment in season one that they posted.

Give her a few att nodes and she will again. :wink:


Adjustments to the difficulty of some stages in Season I Provinces 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Yes, I noticed that Tiburtus isn’t guaranteed one-shotting three enemies in 8-7 anymore; and in the boss stage of 8-7, Grimm+18 and Colen+18 isn’t an autokill of the two bosses anymore, either.

No big whoop. Just observed it as I was quickly farming recruits. :slight_smile: It’s just a smidge less quick now.

This is not really a bug, but more of a very curious observation since after the latest update.

Did anyone notice that the monster are stronger? I would take 1-8-7 as reference as most of the time (and I believe this applies to alot of people); usually I finish off last boss using Grimm and Tiburtus special in that order. With that, I don’t really need to use other hero special nor play any additional tiles.

After the update though, I’m trying to fill monster chest by farming 1-8-7, and I consistently every round can’t finish off the boss using Grimm - Tiburtus combo.

Really it’s more of a curiosity or am I just imagining things?

I have noticed the same thing. Before the update, my Isarnia always killed the mobs in 1-8-7 with three tiles. Now they quite often stay alive after being hit with three tiles.

It is officially here:

“Adjustments to the difficulty of some stages in Season I Provinces 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.”


Ahh, that explains! Thanks Osmin! I’ve been looking, but don’t know what’s the search word I should key in.

@voidstrike @princess1 @KLinMayhem @Osmin
And you guys clearly do not understand that sneaky SGG devs tried to put in this monster buffing changes undetected. They were not in initial release notes.

They were added to release notes one day AFTER they were discovered by players.

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“SGG releases change but forgets to tell anyone. Film at 11.”


Well, I’m not in tinfoil hat legion, but SGG promised better communication with Atlantis schedule change. If this is “better”, then SGG and I have significantly different understandings of “better”.


Ok fine, you’re right. Ignore what I said above.

Btw beer is good.

You’re right…I’m wrong.


This doesnt happen every time…but it NEVER happened before the update…i dont exclusively farm 8-7 and i typically put it on auto so i dont notice errors, but of a hand full of times ive played it manually ive had 4 times where this has happened…so i admit i do fire off specials pretty rapidly when i get to the boss, but thats never been an issue. Kingstons special does about 1100 damage to the 8-7 boss at the current level i have him at (4^50). Queen of hearts does around 550 damage at the level i had her at yesterday when i took the screen shot (4^74) which is about half of the bosses health…In the second pic ill post youll see where i hit the boss with sonya (4^70) and she did something like 800 damage…the boss has 1200 health so kingston alone should have the boss down to negliable health yet in both pics you can see where it only applies his negative defense buff against the enemy. In the pic where i fired QoH you can see the enemy has a little better than half health…and in the pic where i fired Sonya the enemy has less than half health…both cases it shows the buff from kingston and neither applies his damage…

Not sure if this helps but in pic 1i fired off in order: Kingston, QoH, Joon (4^55) which killed the other boss.

In Pic 2 i fired off: Kingston, sonya, joon…and its almost like the game knew each time the enemy should have been dead because it auto fired Joon to the opposite enemy each time…could have been luck of AI choosing the opposite enemy, but i doubt it

Pic 1

Pic 2

I think its ridiculous threads get merged that have absolutely nothing to do with one another only to be lost in the shuffle…whats the huge problem with having their own thread…OMG his says 8-7 too lets merge it with another thread about 8-7 thats completely unrelated…i somewhat understood my first post that got merged being lumped in here because i spent the first paragraph talking about what turned out to be the boss HP increase…thanks for putting it in this thread so that i solved what i thought was problem one…idk if whoever quit reading at that point but my second problem has ZERO to do with the boss HP increase…its simple math.

Boss has 1200 health now

Kingston does 1100 damage to boss if fired by himself…

1200-1100 = 100

QoH does 550 damage

1100 + 550 = 1650

1200 - 1650= DEAD BOSS

Sonya does 800 damage

1100 + 750= 1850

1200 - 1850= DEAD BOSS

this has absolutely nothing to do with the HP increase and in both pictures you can see where the buff was applied to the enemy which would have only happened if i fired kingston, but in both cases in only done the other heroes damage…QoH did a little less than half of his health in damage 1200- 550 = 650 health. Sonya did a little more than half damage with her hit 1200-750 = 450 health

Who knows if this will even been seen since its lumped into a thread with problems that have already been solved

Depends I guess what order you fired the specials in.

You said yourself that you fire them pretty quickly…

So if you fired them in the order:
Kingston, Joon, QoH it’s entirely plausible that it ended in the screen you’ve captured.

Kingston → almost kills one boss
Joon → targets smar boss as Kingston & kills
QoH → targets & does ~half the HP.

I had in the other post how i fired them…in pic one i fired 3 heroes because i now know that kingston will not kill the boss by himself so therefore i hit kingston, QoH, then Joon…Joon kills one boss because hes doing over 1280 so the other boss should have only been hit by QoH and kingston.

The second picture i also fired 3 heroes in this order…Kingston, Sonya, then Joon…Joon kills one boss again and the other boss should have been hit by both sonya and Kingston…just like my math is showing above…in no possible scenario you can think of did kingston do damage and then enemy have more than 100 health which would have been cleaned up by my third heroes special in both instances