V28 monster HP increase, for instance in S1:8-7? [Solved, Ack by staff in post #27]

Meh. Nothing unusual! They’re always hiding loot reduce news, or like this…

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This thread started about the number of monster waves changing on the S3 map, but we also noticed that the boss monster in S1:5-8 increased in health too.


S3 changes now acknowledged… but nothing about S1. :thinking:

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Version 28 Release Notes & Status

But no mention to S1


This is extremely annoying.
Why did they have to be sneaky about it and not announce it in the release notes?
Why is there even a need for it?
The 10% increase in difficulty on levels like 8.7 is bad enough but to reduce damage from special attacks is disgusting.
Anectdotally I’ve noticed my snipers not doing as much damage as before in raids. I’ll keep an eye on it.
If SG think that by lessening the effectiveness of the heroes that we have to encourage us to spend to get better heroes then we should resist.
I’ve already not renewed my VIP for the first time since it started as there’s just no fair return anymore in this game.


We checked this here and indeed there were some adjustments to the Season I difficulties, we have now updated the Release Notes to include this change as well:


I can understand S3 missions, since they just came out. but why S1 missions?


Yeah… strange one.

8-7 etc are ridiculously easy for established players and increasingly so with emblems and costumes, but new players are still starting with the same options as we were three years ago :man_shrugging:t3:


maybe the want to make auto-farming more tedious? right now, costumed Tibs can one-shot the whole stage, and costumed Li with increased special damage can too - really good for auto-farming, since they are vanilla 4* heroes, so no annoying SS animation.
so they have reduced loot ticket drop and now make auto-farming longer in order to push people to buy loot tickets?

/tinfoil hat off


Really, that doesn’t make much sense: when farming, and if I have time on hands, I’d just do it manually, 'cause it’s that much faster. So, in reality it truly hits the newcomers, which would be fine for a new game. But here, they just raise the threshold for the inexperienced, which could simply drive a small share of new players away. I fail to understand this.


Well…well with the advent of emblems, it sounds like a reasonable change, even my alt accounts with emblem 3* could crush those levels of S1…, however still not pleased with this update over the potential nerf of RedHood…

But new players are still facing those levels with a handful of 2* and 3*…seems a bit harsh.


If they changed this, I wonder if they left the Easy Challange stages 1-2-3 as they were. Or they tanked the stats/items you get out off of them.

Buffing stage monsters is just a symptom that this game has reached its ‘spiral of death’. Like in Red Queen Dynamics, SGG will buff monsters every once and then, and you will have to run (adapt/ascend heroes/spend gems or artifacts) as fast as you can just to stay in the same place you were. Because the loot or prize will not get better, it will stay the same. Or … it will get nerfed.

Newcomers already face problems with ascension mats deficiency and are few playing years behind the others. So creating such inequity between groups of players can be well described by one word - rasism. Bravo SGG!

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Buonasera voglio solo. Dire una cosa. Ma di cosa si parla quando si mettono in evidenza gemme a 100 euro come se fossero gioielli veri. Se si mettessero a un euro magari li comprono tutti e si ha un gioco pari per tutti. Se poi si vuole far fuori la gente che non compra levate il gioco dai giochi da scaricare gratis. Grazie.

I didn’t mean to question but: why wasn’t this change announced to players prior? Instead, you only let us know AFTER we already noticed it. I cannot help wondering if you were going to continue to keep us in the dark if no one noticed the change.


Hey @JonahTheBard again they try to sneak one by… Now the same ole question is “HOW MANY OTHERS HAS THERE BEEN???” This just goes to show they DO CHANGE setting in secret. That is why there is always “conspiracy theories” as most try to put it??? I have ALWAYS said if anyone thinks they dont, they need to think again.

Yes the main farming levels hmmmm are trying to hurt the farming???

A point made somewhere else was that the people the S1 changes hurt the most are the early game players still trying to level up and move through the map. The mid-late game players will have a farming team that will handle the change with little issue.

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