V28 monster HP increase, for instance in S1:8-7? [Solved, Ack by staff in post #27]

Run 8-7 and found that thing has changed, my SS cannot kill the mob in 1 hit like it used to be, don’t know if the mob is stronger or the SS is weaker

This looks like the same and at the same map stage…
It was not announced so may be a bug. @zephyr1 @Guvnor @DaveCozy @littleKAF maybe a merge and make it go higher


Yes it is the same 1.8.7 … all my heroes (Evelyn, GM, Magni, Sartana) do less damage on bosses. So if they have been enhanced than it must be on Defense stats.

I haven’t verified this on other stages or Raids.

Today I have updated the game - new build with this ugly looking dragon icon.
Like always I used some of my WE flags to grind stage 8-7 the same way I do it for weeks, always with same effect - all minions and bosses killed at the exact number of specials used.
On third wave I always use Skittleskull 3/30 special to wipe out all of the minions, but since update some of them survive - happened 3 out of 3 times after update - didn’t happened even once in hundred of tries before.
On the boss wave I use Tiburtus special to melt the defence and then Triton 4/70 - Chao 3/60 combo to kill off both bosses. It didn’t matter which one of them fired at which boss (Tiburtus does uneven damage) - both were as good as dead. I did this trio attack from early February few hundreds of times and it always worked.
But today after the update Chao wasn’t able to finish off the boss with the more Hp left. So I tried two more times with the same effect, no kill.

I know that the sample (3) is small but I will expand it with the new monster chest in the evening. But the comparison of hundreds of runs vs those three tells me one thing - something in the attack equation (maybe theta) has been nerfed with the new update. It will definitely make game much harder, at least the map levels.

So, prepare for longer battles, more looses and higher usage of artifacts.

There is another discussion on this in the bugs and issues section. V28 had hit point increase for monsters.

There already seems to be a thread V28 Special Damage Reduced this here.

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@SimpletonRising @General_Confusion
Thanks, so maybe my post could be merged into the thread menioned by you by mods :slight_smile:

I’ve merged the 3 similar threads together, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I’m messaging the Small Giant Staff to ask about this. We won’t have a response until tomorrow, though, since it’s past work hours in Helsinki already.


Experiments were previously given by 847, now 817.

Just tried 3-9 in S2. Both the mobs as well as the boss (Stegosaur) had exactly the same HP values they had prior to v.28

Do you mean experience? S1 8-7 has always given 817 XP as far as I can remember. It was definitely 817 in v.27…

I’ve farming 23-9 for along time with the same team. . And today I found myself losing 1 raid. I’ve been forced to change 2 heroes and back to auto farm again. Wasted 10 flasks on 23-9 auto farming now with a diferent atack team. Wow didn’t realised they boosted up monsters hehehe


yep, I can confirm it too. they increased the HP of mobs and bosses. at least in 1.8.7.
however, I just checked the map I usually spend my WE on - 1.9.1, and there is no change there. mobs have HP in similar range, and boss has 1201 HP in old and new versions.
this doesnt make any sense…

5-8 can be added to the list as different since v28 update, boss was 949 now 1050

Should there be any reason why S1 map mobs /boss HP be jacked up without notification? Is there more of such?:shushing_face:


Makes you wonder what else was changed. Ghost changes only further fuel the folks that say loot drop-rate was reduced…


Meh. Nothing unusual! They’re always hiding loot reduce news, or like this…

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This thread started about the number of monster waves changing on the S3 map, but we also noticed that the boss monster in S1:5-8 increased in health too.


S3 changes now acknowledged… but nothing about S1. :thinking:

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Version 28 Release Notes & Status - #2 by Petri

But no mention to S1