V28 - lagging / Miscellaneous Disconnects

It’s not lagging for me, but I do face some strange issue that I haven’t seen before.

My Mystic Vision always shows “no ads available try later” and I need to have the game restarted to be able to view it.

I have been completing S3, and it was giving me lag on Hard mode missions again for the first few moves on the first wave.
It didn’t seem to do it on ALL of them but I didn’t note/jot down which ones it did, sorry.

10 flags is to much to lose became I got “disconnected” . from your end.

I lost 49 Trophies in raid yesterday after disconnection, that heard a lot…lol, I was almost at platinum arena :grinning:

New version of the game is terrible. Almost impossible to play. Throwing out of game all the time :frowning: I am not going to open support ticket because I don’t need titan flag.

And now tournament :slight_smile: Thank you very much for nice user experience :slight_smile:

After new updates, there is a bug on season 3 map stages.

This has happened to me on several of the major updates — one of the challenge events was doing the same, so that I was losing a second or two on every one. At some point it stopped. I don’t know if I restarted my phone or something.

Not only season3 ,it ia the same in all season stages. Started right after the last update.

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Same here, started after the latest update;V28.

After I downloaded the latest update, I am unable to fight in the war without restarting my phone and sometimes not even then. I have an android. It tells me there is a proxy issue but I have not changed any settings. I can still fight titans and play levels in stages but I’m unable to fight in war without it kicking me out of the game. Please help.

Some of my alliance teammates said that they cannot attack in war because when they attempt to do it they were disconnected, they can do raid and titan attack just fine… What about you @jinbatsu?

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Since the last update at the start of a levels tiles are freezing and today this happened.

And stood like that for a long time. My attack on titan wasn’t recorded. I’m furious as hell!

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Hi @yelnats_24, currently we do not have any issues so far from my alliance members, I will make sure later on, because not all members have war flag used. Stay stuned.

Update: @yelnats_24 one of my alliance members have issue, but problem solved after 0 o’clock because of quota internet is refreshed.

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I got disconnected every time i click attack to raid. I can do farm and attack in war just fine tho

I get the lag at the beginning of any season 1-2-3 stages. After 3 or 4 combos it gets ok, but it is still pretty annoying.
Of course, it is since the V28, on a brand new samsung A50.

No connection problem though

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Just to add to the pile, several of us in my alliance are having issues. For me, weird things like the chat will drop out and not come back for a few minutes, or all the players in our roster will go to “Ex-Member” for a while. Hiccups at the beginning of most fights, and again at the final kill shot. Two teammates got kicked out during titan hits (and zeroed because of it).

edit: just got kicked out of a raid I was winning… grrr

I noticed some lags too

Exactly this, to the letter.

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I have issues also. Noticeable lag at any battle start since last update. That does not bother me much, since it continues as should after about a second or so. But frequent connection errors do bother me. And many of my alliance buddies have the same issue. Any staff response would be appreciated, thanks!

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