V28 - lagging / Miscellaneous Disconnects

The V28 version is lagging when I start to play a stage.


Indeed, after the update start of the every stage becomes a throttling/stuttering show.

That’s most probably effect of devs adding new elements on top of the old ones and not even trying to optimize.

Effect: by the v30 or v31 we will be forced to buy better phones if we want to continue playing.


I have a same issue with lagging ( Xiaomi A1) . game not lagging before v28

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Lagging here too. Not as bad as in beta, but still noticeable

Same - lagging more recently than before.

Same issue! Using a Samsung A8 (2018)

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just downloaded update. twice while leveling up hero, game froze (solid blue screen). both times occurred when feeding less than 10/10.

Lagging in stages…cannot war or raid…able to raid 2x in 3hrs…but podcasts and YouTube work fine…

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Same here

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Resetting my router seemed to help

Noticed the game is lagging at the beginning of any season 1 stages

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It is lagging for me too on Samsung Galaxy S7.
I haven’t tested much but definitely noticed it does it when I am farming S1:8-7, and it does it every time at the start-up of the level, the first few moves I make.

Hi everybody

I updated E&P last night, played Morlovia, Titan, Emblem stages fine, when I started to farm Season1 map stages from Providence 5to8 the stages freezes.

I tested it on another device to check if it is my device but had the same results on the other device.

Never had issues before after updates.


Uninstalled and reinstalled…still cannot war or raid…this is ridiculous…someone needs to fix this nonsense!

Same problems, but basically only when on WiFi.

After v28 it has to retry loading 2-3 times. Before raiding or war I must force quit and restart, or game won’t load without restarting phone.

It’s not my connection, because I can stream multiple things with no problem, on or off my phone, but E&P (and Puzzle Combat) has loading problems.

Screenshot_20200326-013824 just got kicked out from my Titan hitting then the game is updating. Nooooooooo, not the titan (and war).
I though it’s going to be V.28.0.1 but it’s still V.28.0.0

New Valhalla stages open in 24 minutes :sob:

Stuttering at lagging during first few moves, happened once few months ago but they fixed it.
Also got booted few times, kinda sucks loosing flags for nothing.

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Lagging here as well on Android phone and tablet but only at the start of the battle

I’m still having the same problem connecting to the game with my Samsung S9 since the 3/23 update. Verizon network or Comcast/Xfinity WiFi makes no difference. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game twice, no luck.

But for whatever reason, I downloaded it to an old Samsung S5 which is only connected to my WiFI and it works, but I’ve noticed it is very slow.