V26 blocked players in chat. Answered in post 4, 41 by staff

Bit frustrated that I can’t track blocked players with the new update. It was handy to be able to see where players who AWOLed during war went after us. Sometimes I was even able to give other alliance leaders a heads up when someone was consistently messing with people. Some of these players are real bottom feeders who do this stuff for kicks, changing their names to make it harder to track them. When I blocked them, I could see where they were, their new name and often I could see they were still alliance jumping because it only showed one or two days in each alliance.

Why take this away from us?


Because to the developers, what you just said sounds like you’re harrassing the person you blocked and not the other way around

They don’t deal with these problems so they’re makin decisions half blind


Couldn’t agree more. There are now three of us in the alliance freaked out because we cannot track the stalkers/harassers anymore. They just will change their name again and return :persevere: this is an awful change


To be honest the damage is already done! If they do change back there already lost.
I called someone out for bullying they told me they wasn’t! My boss had a go at me the person who they said stuff about agreed with me🤷‍♀️
I saw them as mocking them maybe I see things in a different light than others! They left the next day.
Anyone who’s worried don’t be! Stick together in the alliance make sure anyone new that comes in to keep an eye on them if there a new person who nobody knows!

Lets be honest with your community Petri. If the concerns are the inability to track rude or disruptive players, there is nothing you will do when they are reported. Please show me your guidelines about rude players, or players that have a repeated pattern of causing drama in alliances. All you have done is protect those players by ensuring they have anonymity at their discretion.


I’m sorry but this function allowed me to keep track of my personal harassers and if they name changed or went to an alliance I knew. I could keep track so they stayed the hell away from me and my alliance! Now we are all at threat of being unable to tell if they are coming after us again. Or change name to fool us!!! Please for the sake of us victims trying to keep the game safe SG undo this action!!!


Yes paranoid is a good word!! We are all feeling it right now with this change!!

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Agreed it is FAR from an Improvement!!! It has put the rest of us at risk. Why protect the Blocked!!

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Can’t believe SG has done this!!! I don’t feel safe anymore!


I have to concur, please put it back, to me what i see is you’re now protecting the bad guys, the war jumpers and the bad apples. So we now have no defense at all nothing to protect us.

This makes me so upset that alliances now have no protection. Sure there might have been a few that were bothered but the vast majority of us benefited from this, so in essence you put the needs of a few to Thousands of us players.

You took away from us our only protection!


Just read what you wrote out loud. This is weird and creepy and shouldn’t be allowed? Whatever problems you may be facing due to inappropriate behavior, the solution should NOT be to keep the door open for another inappropriate behavior.


I don’t even understand the complaints lmao. If you have somebody blocked… they can’t bother you… they cannot “harass you” because you won’t even see their messages…

It’s very weird to be so concerned about what somebody that you’ve blocked is doing. You shouldn’t be able to track somebody you blocked. That’s like filing a restraining order but then moving next door with binoculars. Super weird :joy:


Just because 1 person has them blocked

Doesnt mean 30 do

And with alliance turnover, there will always be at least 1 that doesn’t have a person blocked

And with the way you have to block a player initially, very little chance an entire alliance has any 1 person blocked so makes it easy for them to skate thru the cracks, get into the alliance and stir sh!t up

The complaints aren’t complicated to understand and pretty sound due to their past experiences considering this happened even when they could track someone but now it can happen that much easier


The main issue is that the sword cuts both ways…

on one hand, the change protects those who were being stalked, harassed, annoyed etc…

on the other hand, the change prevents those same individuals from tracking & avoiding the harasser, stalker etc…


Main issue is it was an unneccessary change

Anyone have a count on how many times this change was requested?

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If someone is harassing you, block them? If someone is harassing your alliance, your alliance should block them? Keep you alliance invite only? Following these three rules, I don’t see how the problem can persist very much unless your alliance is a revolving door and you let everyone accept invites from anyone, in which case, you have an open alliance in practice even if the alliance is set to invite only. Maybe they can make it so that if an alliance LEADER blocks a person, they can never enter the alliance?


So more changes because of this change?

I don’t even track blocked players

But this whole thing is pretty annoying just due to the fact that they could have left well enough alone instead of implementing some off the wall change just to kick up a hornets nest so they have somethin to read for entertainment when they’re on the can



The changes were to address tracked players being followed and harassed

Then it a case of who you let into your alliance. My boss will say blah blah will be knocking let them in. but keep an eye on them! As not know by others!

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