V26 blocked players in chat. Answered in post 4, 41 by staff

Not only are they blocked all alliances have the ability to set to invite only Most alliances that have been together for a while recruit the right way and dont just let any strays in. You have plenty of safeguards and as said if the person is blocked and tries to reenter you wont be able to see their chat. Once out of your alliance and blocked if you are following then, you are now the harasser.

Correct me if I’m wrong. The update stopped the ability to see where someone is you blocked. Ok so be it. You can still see a name change. On your block list. Why do you need to know where they are? Oh. So you can go and let the alliance that Mr billy bad man left midwar. Cost you points and maybe a win. Let’s call that what it is harassment. Plain and simple.


Thanks Besa, you answered a question I was trying to ask, my question was. Can the blocker see the name change? I’m new on here and was wondering about that

You actually can’t. All you see now is the name they were when you blocked. When you click the name, nothing happens.


I also don’t like this change. As a leader, it was a way to protect myself from folks who have come into the alliance and were unfriendly, and/or caused trouble. Now, they can just change their name and re-apply.


Did you block someone and have them change their name?
You don’t need to click anything to get updated name.

The blocked list contains a list of player names as snapshot during blocking.
When the blocked player changes the name, it is not changed in list of blocked users.


Actually you can’t keep track of name changes anymore. The names on the block list remain at that point they were when you blocked a player - name changes afterwards are not shown on the list. Consequently, there is no chance to protect your alliance from players that did harm to your alliance before. :confused:


I’m no longer be able to stalk where someone i love is going, i’m so sad. Where are you now honey… ? :sob::sob::sob:


For me, a name change tracking would be enough…or maybe a block function for alliances.


I’ll give you an example to what can happen.

Toxic player x is on my blocked list with others. Some have few people, some have loads of people. They change name and join my alliance. I’m not on 24/7 and another player let’s them in. I can’t see them, I can’t even know which of the blocked players on my list is in my alliance. I unblock them and hope to figure out who this person was. If they haven’t written anything down and I kick them l can’t block them again before kicking them. I lose track of the toxic person again so they can come back or go to another alliance, even one of my group. (things like this have already happened) I can’t warn them that the person is toxic, rude, racist or a perv or anything because I’ve lost their tracks.
It was a way to avoid drama, this just multiplies it.


it happened to our alliance. He left before a war, cost us quite a few points. We kicked him out before, but he came back and then this…why does someone do stuff like that?


Really…you think this is funny


There are two uses for the following thing.

  1. To keep tabs on problematic players
  2. To keep tabs on friends who don’t necessarily use external apps like Line, Facebook etc…

This person I believe is referring to #2


This feature has more positive benefits than negatives.
I have benefit from it in several occasions. If a player is harassed by it, they can easily block the harassing player(s)

And sadly there are no available in game alternatives like player search, friend list or some sort of black list.
Block list was they only way remotely close to it.

I hope you will consider undoing this change.


I do tend to agree with you. I’ve been reading these posts and understand the concerns. However, I’ve also seen numerous posts about people harassing them thanks to the way the old feature worked.

edit - Maybe I’m misreading quote above. Not certain if you support the change or not. I’m in support.

Agreed you wouldn’t be able to identify which blocked player, but you can identify the new name in your alliance list. From that, you can either kick immediately or have someone else communicate with them to find their old name. If you don’t get a straight answer, you kick.

There is no perfect solution for everyone. This is my opinion only.


I am against it at this current time because there are no alternatives to cover the positive things it used to offer.

But the problem is that other leadership may not know this and accept the person into the alliance. @Datootfary would not see the person until she goes to her alliance list and sees an additional person. In some alliances they automatically make people elder or co leads. This could give that person the ability to cause havoc in a few minutes before Toot even realizes.


I have been stalked after I left an alliance and I am happy they made this change. If I want to move on and start over, I should be able to do this. I deserve a right to privacy… blocking means you don’t see the messages not that you can track a player forever.

Thank you for the feedback! I would like to encourage everyone to use the in-game report button to report any disruptive or inappropriate behavior you have witnessed in the game. You can also report messages sent inside an Alliance. If the situation requires, please consider submitting a support request (with as much as details possible, including screenshots of the violations) so we can investigate the matter and take appropriate action.


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