V26 blocked players in chat. Answered in post 4, 41 by staff

What is it then?
A dog?

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Obviously it’s for posting ads, but not every minute so when look on screen and you see 5 ads (each sent in same minute) from one person, that’s clearly a flooding. I don’t said I am blocking ones who post ads there at all - only big flooders.

On other hand often people turn AR chat in their chit-chatting room which have nothing to do with recruitment - while they have a lot rooms for that (especially that 20+ room). And obviously we may say that they search for people for future free spots (if they full) or showing how communicative they are to attract recruits and other justify reason, but often that clearly absolutely not connected to recruitment at all. And personally I am not reporting that behaviour, but as recruiter who use that only one chat for recruitment actually and see that someone again and again and again just chit chatting there - blocking without report.


I can understand both of those. Thanks for explaining what you meant. :+1:

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I see cow there…

20 blocked characters

Put this back the way it was please.

Permanently ban the folks who are causing the problems that lead to the cure being worse than the disease. Thats’s why there is a report button.

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I would think this would be the last person to promote.


It gets really tough to help people or hear their voices when half the problems are poor judgement which SG has nothing to do with.

@Petri is there anything written that can show us, the clients, what is ban worthy? Otherwise it just seems so random and sometimes not even appropriate for a ban. SG has so much in the way of how things are done that this very important piece of information that is lacking would help many know what is reportable and what is really just someone using report button to be petty. This would in turn make the block something useful instead of it currently being a wasted code space. You may block them but they can still see you and that is part of the problem this “feature” has.

Please note that the forum rules prohibit discussion on disciplinary actions. See below.

Note though that you can probably find an answer by reading the #forum-rules category. If you’re within these guidelines, I’d imagine you’d be fine.

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What I am asking is not discussion of discipline actions but what we should expect to lead to those actions. Am I being clear?

But what I am asking about are rules in the game that i have not.found to show what is and is not ban or.block worthy. I post rules for my alliance that show exactly this so we know what to expect from each other. Members know what is expected of them and also what they can expect from their leadership. This is what I am asking of SG. We call it Acknowledgment of Expectations. That way we are each accountable to the others and know both our place and the place of others and how things are expected to work. Very often we of the E&P community feel left in the dark when these bans or blocks happen. Just would like transparency.

Did you look at the #forum-rules category? This post is there. :wink:

Here is another link from SGG’s website.

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Raising gem after changing name gradually increase with numorous gem and cause them must pay $$$$$ ( crazy amount that can make SG rich and give us bonus) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Sorry this maybe OOT but it can’t stop player change their names again and again.
This can have negative effects to one who want chance there name but if we choose our name carefully , we won’t change it frequently right?

Not sure you were responding to my message =)

I wasn’t suggesting anything related to name change cost.

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No Im not responding to yours, I just add with my own suggestions, lol

Yes I have multiple times. So what I am hearing is forum rules also apply to in game chat. Which is reiterated on the E&P Support Chat Rules and guidelines. What is lacking is the breakdown such as violation #1 results in a 2week chat ban for _____chat room, 3 strikes you’re out a strike would include items under Chat Rules. What then is the level of severity that would be something to cause immediate 30day ban? How is that figured out? Is it done case by case? Are there guidelines an SG chat moderator committee has to go by? Like if a player commits a severity level 1 offense say 4 times in 6 months would result in what type of action? These are the things I am curious about, are they written somewhere or is it a fly by the seat of your pants figure it out as you go for each case and no set precedent is actually recorded for us the client’s to know?

How is this relevant to the OP you may be asking. To show us that there is a method and usefulness of the block or report features. That we can trust SG to truly protect the players from toxicity that seems to populate anywhere humans come together. That we can know if A results in B and multiple infractions of A does more than B. To continue to give a fun and safe game experience and know there are plans in place and do not change as the wind blows. Right now the block keeps me from seeing the blocked person but they can see me. This should be flipped. I block them and they cannot see me or follow me without my knowledge making comments to.the room and trolling still I just can’t see it or report further things done.

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Regarding in game chat, there are no moderators. Nor are there (I believe) specific criteria like your asking. Such as this leads to that. SGG May have some internal guidelines, but I’ve never seen them published. I’ve also never asked either as I just try to not go near the line. I would imagine there is some discretion with this. Also, as noted, they don’t discuss or debate disciplinary actions so I wouldn’t expect a response on this. I don’t think this will satisfy what you are looking for, but it’s the best I’ve got.

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