V25 update - animation issues

Since the update my game animation is lagging and stuttering during the war. At the moment it seems to be occurring just as I’m starting a battle., then it clears up. We don’t have a titan at the moment so right now it’s merely annoying - on a titan it’s going to be an issue.

Another player just mentioned it’s happening to him as well.

I won’t put in a support ticket yet. I’ll see if more players are reporting it, and perhaps it’ll become a Known Issue.

EDIT: more players are starting to report it now. Not a lot of players have the update yet so it may take awhile before it’s noticed.



I noticed the issue here too, on Android.
Don’t know if Apple has the issue as well.


hello, even worries the game bug when we start a battle several player signal in particular in my alliance for the current wars it reams and when I start the game there are missing letters for example for connection I see con ec ion can you fix the bugs thank you

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Same here.
The first matched tiles slow down the gameplay. Hapens everywhere.

After a few matches the game speeds up again.

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Seen the same on 2 diffrent devieces, we need a hotfix badly :blush:

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Yup I was about to report this too - for me it happens mainly on Rare Stage 3 - the beginning of the Cat level especially

I would know because I always use Rare Stage 3 to farm…and it was taking a lot slower than normal so I had a look

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Can anyone record video what animation issue look like? On which event level?
I’m using iOS and I do not know if I have animation issue.
I did not have animation issue on a Titan.

Rare stage 3, it’s just really obvious buggy level setup.

I don’t hv recorder sorry but I’d imagine it would impact those trying to place in events

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At boss fight only or all step?

Not sure I’m saving WE atm for my level up for titan, it spawns in 2 hrs. Will let you know but mainly start up and middle I think

Just start of level I think


I noticed this right away, and it was also during war. It was most noticeable to me during combos. It was as though the game took a break between each combo. The animation looked a little different - less fluid.

FWIW, I haven’t noticed it on the challenge event, but when I saw it in war, my first thought was that this was going to slow down challenge event runs! Also, I’m just trying to complete the epic tier, so I’m not paying attention to how quickly it goes.

On a related laggy animation issue, I noticed that when I was retrieving a large number of feeders from my TC, some of the card images were blurry.

I only noticed it on the war as well. I got the blurry cards once and have noticed the lag time when I open my roster to level up heroes.

The event quest hasn’t been an issue.

I have same problem for the last 2 days

So far I did not notice yet anything animation issue in iOS.

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Whatever it was, it’s gone. :man_shrugging:

It isn’t gone here on Android…

It’s very laggy. It does pick up but the start of a battle is rough…

Have the same issue every start of the board. Very annoying, especially in challenge event.

Same here.

Android user here. After the last update, I’m experimenting the same issue. Tried to restart my phone, checked other games/app and they don’t lag. At the start of each battle, there is a noticeable and annoying slowdown. So far, the game had always been running fine, on a Samsung A5 2017 (not the most powerful out there, but more than enough for most mobile games).

Edit : here’s a small video of the phenomenon. After a few seconds, the game starts running as smooth as usual, until the next battle.


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