V25 says direct mana reduction is a status effect

The only negative status effects regarding mana known to us so far, always been mana speed decrease, mana block and mana steal. Direct mana reduction was never a status effect and it’s absurd to even be considered as such.

@Petri how do you even may consider an action of a hero like Chao for example, being a status effect?? Isn’t natural or logical.

Besides, as long as you guys decided direct mana reduction is a negative effect, then should be applied for all heroes in the game, not only for Ursena and Mitsuko, like the release notes say. In this case, Grazul should prevent Guin’s or Neith’s mana cut. Gato should prevent Bauchan’s mana cut for him and adjacent allies.

Since you messed the things up with this change, you should decide whether mana reduction is a status effect and should work for all heroes, not only for Ursena. Or decide was a mistake and remove this being a status effect. Because is not.


Here is if everyone want to know the updates:

Fixed a bug where Ursena’s and Mitsuko’s reflecting status effects were not blocking negative effects such as mana reduction.

Here is complete update notes V25.

If it is by design only for Ursena and Mitsuko, then it should written in skill with word: including mana reduction, otherwise others heroes must be also apply like Grazul, Gato, Aeron, etc. Just like OP said.


Am I missing something? ursena’s Special says it will reflect All Status Effects.

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Does it say anything about blocking other negative effects?

Hope, they should cater that as well in their update

And @Petri , its pretty unusual that this has been done although it has been claimed in the Ursena Bug thread as well. Looks like this has just been ignored to fix a bug that has not been one …


You are perfectly right. I forgot about that thread. They just are playing with our nerves… Seriously, how may be considered Chao’s special, for example, a status effect??

Will it be reflected? A Guin def will reduce its own mana? If yes, how awesome…

Seems, that they count health and mana as part of the status, which would make sense.

The cards say status effects, which possibly are not bad ailments only.


As was noted in the other thread, when Guin has fired her special, she doesn’t have any mana left to reduce. :wink:

Right. Wilbur’s spirit link might be reflected, too. (Or blocked; who could tell?) Anyone want to check? :slight_smile:

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Wilbur’s special was always a status effect and you may check out the thread about status effects. The problem is they said fixed a bug which is not a bug at all. Typical…

Yes, logically right, since it’ll be reflected to the caster only, which will be slightly better balanced as if all enemies would loose some mana.

Wilbur is a special thing, since he sets up 2 ailments, a good and a bad, but there aren’t any red reflecting heroes right now. One has to cleanse the bad one.

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Grazul prevent any status effect, colour regardless. This is what the thread is about. Ursena special refers to status effects. If Ursena may block Guin’s mana cut, then Grazul should also prevent it. And she is currently not. This is one of the stupidest things the devs have done so far. Mana cut shouldn’t be considered a status effect in the first place. But if they decide it is, then should be applied for all heroes, like I already said in OP.


I don’t disagree about mana cut, but Onatel’s special Mana Steal is a status effect and needed fixed. It should not cut through the status effect reflect.

I assumed that was the fix referred to, any status effect that reduces mana. Reflecting chao, Li, Neith reduction should not apply in my opinion because they are not status effects.


Not even blocked. This is hilarious about this update. If you as developer, you say mana cut is a status effect, then should be both, blocked and reflected. Anyway, like you said, is not a status effect, not literary, not logically, not anyhow…


Agree, that there should be consistency, either none should prevent/reflect or all should.


Instead of making mana cut a status effect…

Just rewrite the special skills of ursena and mitsuko to reflect special skills of holy or blue enemy heroes. Problem solved. Doesn’t change the mechanics for heroes outside of those 2. And keeps it simple.

“Special skills” would include any effects(mana cut), ailments, or damage

Idk why it wasn’t generalized that way from day 1 honestly


Perfect solution… …


Grazzy also should prevent Onatels ailment.


I guess that one cannot be dispelled, that’s why…

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I have 2 maxed aerons and a grazul. I use em an awful lot but i typically take on guin tanks as war practice. Glad you guys pointed this out as i had no idea onatel’s mana theft wouldnt be considered a blockable ailment since other indispellable buffs are and so are the vamps health steals

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