[v23 UI Flow] More scrolling and clicking when upgrading heroes

After update to v23, when trying to upgrade your hero, it brings you to the middle of your rooster rather than to the bottom. I’m not sure whether it was an accident or someone wanted such a change, but the previous way was more convenient.

Also, after you upgrade a hero and close upgrade screen, the hero is shown. That’s one more additional click that needs to be done now in order to close it.

Both of these seem inconvenient changes but just in case that’s just my opinion, I’ve added a poll.
Fell free to vote.

So, which UI behaviour do you prefer:

  • [OLD] I prefer if it automatically goes to the bottom of the rooster when upgrading.
  • [CURRENT] I prefer if it goes to the middle of the rooster when upgrading
  • I don’t care. My Aife Assault Squadron is maxed and ready to deploy.

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