V22 Release: Unable to access new stronghold level 21 and buildings (Answer: they won't be enabled until probably Monday June 17)

It’s available for both iOS and Android now. That’s what “rolled out” means, doesn’t it?

Every update they stop the support for the old one. You get an ingame message. Probably you got several of them already - that‘s when new stuff starts usually…i guess you know


Oohh, good point. I bet you’re right; SH21 will become available at the same time as they end support for v21.

Should I update now or better after war?

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Up to you. Waiting until after the war is 100% safe, for the cost of a few MV emblems. The war looks stable, though.


An hour ago my friend of alliance has problem after update. 0 Point war score.
And now current result is around 50-50, and also war chest is need only 4 point more (21 of 25).
So I think I decide to wait, and update until I use all my war flag. And hope to win this war. :grinning:

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So isn’t the update rolled out for everyone now?

Status ( Today 2:05 PM ): We have now fully rolled out the update for Android and iOS.

I’m not able to upgrade my SH. Any idea when we can?

Usually you will get an internal mail saying they are removing support for v21 and they give you advanced warning of maintenance break. Which after everything in v22 will go live/active


Recieved letter from sg saying 22 has rolled out, so why no sh21?


Any ideas on how much longer we will be waiting for the sh 21 issue to be fixed? I can already do the mystic vision every 8 hours. No sh 21. People in my alliance keep asking me though. When I look at my stronghold it states, “…unlocks advanced buildings.”

Current maximum level: 20

There will be a maintenance break directly before it goes live and they flick the switch. My guess is tomo morning gmt time when devs are back in the office to catch any glitches



Thank you for the information. I will pass it on to my alliance. Have a great day.


Thank you for that, 666

Does anyone know when???

When all players receive the upgrade option on their message board

The upgrades are out:

But the buildings aren’t released yet:

Hard to say when that will be, but this is my current understanding:


Thank You as always zephyr

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Hi, my app version says it is 22 but NOTHING has changed, cannot update the stronghold everything else even the tiles and Titans are still as before

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