V22 Release: Unable to access new stronghold level 21 and buildings (Answer: they won't be enabled until probably Monday June 17)

This sucks because people are exploiting it. They are not upgrading their team because they can raid and the team they attack wont be able to revenge the attack. There is a thread here on how to do this…and because of this i have to keep making BS items because my iron is maxed in anticipation of upgrading SH.

Does anybody know when does the release happen?
How long will it take until „all“ player had the rollout? Android and IOS do have it already, what about the other systems, are there any?

I actually think the rollback on the UI buttons to be bad. I liked all the buttons on 1 screen without having to toggle.

It should be with everyone by Monday 17th June 2019

Where is a thread that explains how to do cross-version raiding?

That’s not allowing cross-build raiding. My reply to IvyData is pointing out that you can leave people who have not yet updated with fights that they will have to update to revenge. There is no way for a person who has not updated to attack a person who has.

And since the new build is now available for everyone, if you want to revenge a fight by someone who has updated when you have not, simply update yourself.

I never said it was cross version, you did. I was saying people are holding off on updating to get a bunch of raids in so that when they do they can’t be revenged. My point is that people doing this is a reason why not everyone has updated, adding to our wait to get new buildings.

Will this create any problems in AW with players that have not updated yet? We are about to fight a team that has 3/4 not updated.

This statement is wrong. The only possible reason it might be true would be cross-version raiding, which doesn’t work. Until you upgrade, you can only raid people who also haven’t upgraded. Once you do upgrade, it’s actually an encouragement for people who want to revenge you to upgrade also.

Also wrong. They are forcing the switchover on Monday (most likely), and waiting until then has nothing to do with whether more or fewer people have upgraded by then. Would you want them to throw the switch and then be gone for the weekend? Seems like a bad plan to me…


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Just to be clear, I was 100% joking in my first post. I updated days ago, taking no special steps to be un-revengeable OR to create / diminish raids EYE can’t revenge. I did end up with a few raids I could not revenge, but no big deal.

Honestly, that doesn’t really bother me that much, though it’s annoying and it feels like it should be fixed. I’m much more impatient about the new buildings not being accessible yet.

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I’m pretty sure it was quite obvious that you were kidding Ivy?? Although maybe some people are way to serious about this game?
*** You will eventually be able to get your revenge, as of tomorrow when the push the update out to everyone, for anyone worried about that.
Hopefully the new buildings become accessible at the same time!! I’m pretty impatient :wink:

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I just read 9 mins ago posted stating the update fully rolled out between both iphone and android and still I have no upgrade option on strong hold with being updated

Dont worry, no one does yet. We have a player who uses an emulator for her second profile. She always gets the update once its forced.

She isn’t updated yet so I’m sure Monday will be when we all have it.

Oh ok that makes sense thanks just making sure wasn’t a glitch so does anyone know if everything on fortess has to be maxed to benefit? I am assuming I’ll have to have all iron storage maxed to have enough iron added to upgrade? I maxed all farms so far and tower

As the title of this thread says, new buildings won’t be enabled until probably Monday June 17.


Now that we’ve had the forced update, when can we expect to be able to upgrade the stronghold?

definately in 2019 :smiley:

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